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General topics discussion board is the ideal platform to pose questions and get answers about Education Services training programs. Explore and discuss the latest IT technologies with like-minded community members and experts.


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PowerProtect Data

Dell Technologies Course

AI & Data Literacy

Learning Accelerator

VxRail Education

PowerStore Education

Data Protection Education

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Join in on the discussions whether you’re already a Proven Professional, interested in becoming certified, or are simply wanting to engage with our Proven Professional Community. This space is a place for passionate professionals to network and share knowledge, get questions answered and stay up to date on new releases.


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New to Proven Professional? Let’s talk certification

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Proven Professional Knowledge Sharing Program

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Within this forum you will have the opportunity to engage with Tech Exchange participants, presenters and experts, expand on topics discussed in prior sessions and broaden your knowledge about new emerging technologies.


Ask questions, get answers, and browse the discussion threads to see what’s trending

Live Events

VMware Cloud Foundation on VxRail

Flexible Scalability and Automation with PowerStore

Automation with PowerScale

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