Explore how Big Data Analytics skills development drives AI success.

New! Data Science and Big Data Analytics v2 course

Develop an understanding of Data Science from the perspective of a practicing Data Scientist.

Gain knowledge of CI/HCI and Hybrid Cloud Platforms

Build skills required to design and implement secure IT-as-a-Service solutions for the digital economy.



Big Data holds the key to effectively address business challenges that result in competitive advantage. Build a team of Data Scientists who can unlock valuable insights from data using analytic tools and techniques.

Data Science and Big Data Analytics

Gain the skills you need to address business challenges that leverage Big Data.

Advanced Analytics

Evolve and expand on the skills developed in the Associate level Data Science & Big Data Analytics course.


Validate your Big Data Analytics skills by earning Associate- and Specialist- level Proven Professional certification.



Develop the skills and knowledge you need to power AI solutions.



Develop skills to efficiently manage Isilon clusters in traditional NAS and emerging data lakes/analytics environments.


Build the skills to successfully install, configure, manage and troubleshoot PowerEdge servers.

Machine Learning

Learn the latest techniques for designing, training, and deploying neural networks through Nvidia Deep Learning Institute (DLI) workshops.


Gain an understanding of the functions and features of the X-Series and N-Series networking products.


Leverage these tools, services and solutions to help ensure a successful IT transformation. Simplify IT. Accelerate innovation. Drive real results.

  • Knowledge and Skills Assessment
  • Dell EMC Services
  • IT Transformation Solutions

Accelerate your progress toward IT Transformation with a free assessment of your current infrastructure and processes. This tool provides valuable insights and recommendations that can help your company move ahead now.

With world-class cloud, big data, and technology expertise, our experienced Professional Services team will help you:

  • Develop a roadmap for your IT transformation.
  • Build a hybrid cloud and offer both internal and external services to your users.
  • Redesign your IT organization to manage supply and demand for your services. 

Wherever you are in your IT Transformation journey, Dell EMC’s industry-leading portfolio of converged, cloud, server and All-Flash solutions helps you modernize infrastructure, automate IT services and transform people and processes. Partner with us to simplify IT, accelerate innovation and drive real results.