Design your cloud infrastructure

Establish and enable a team of architects to plan and design cloud infrastructure that supports multiple types of services. Prepare to become certified as an Dell EMC Proven Professional Cloud Architect.

  • Cloud Infrastructure and Services V3
  • Cloud Infrastructure Planning and Design
  • Cloud Services Planning and Design

Develop knowledge of technologies, processes, and mechanisms required to build a cloud infrastructure.

Cloud Infrastructure and Services (CIS) v3 is an 'open' course that provides an overview of digital transformation and Cloud’s role in helping organizations address current IT challenges to meet their overall digital transformation objectives. This “cloud essentials” course will help you develop knowledge of technologies, processes, and mechanisms required to build a cloud infrastructure. This course aligns to Cloud Architect Associate level certification (DECA-CIS).


Gain the knowledge and skills to successfully design a cloud infrastructure that supports multiple types of services.

Based on an 'open', robust, and elastic architecture, these courses highlight the benefits, challenges, and considerations of design choices and emphasizes the importance of proper requirements gathering in the design process. Prepare for Dell EMC Proven Professional Cloud Architect Specialist (DECS-CA) certification.


Build on the skills acquired in the Cloud Infrastructure Planning and Design course to design solutions that transform business operations and virtualized data centers into IT as a Service (ITaaS) environments.

Using practical examples, case studies, and an 'open' approach, this Expert-level course provides the knowledge and skills necessary to plan and design for robust cloud services in an existing cloud and IT as a Service environment. Prepare for Dell EMC Proven Professional Expert (DECE-CA) certification.


Master Enterprise Architect

Gain the expertise and skills leadership to design and architect cutting-edge solutions that drive digital transformation. Become the trusted advisor who turns your organization’s IT transformation strategy into reality.

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Platform Acceleration Lab: Become Cloud-Native



Are you a developer or an architect who has taken online classes and read everything you can to understand Cloud-Native, re-platforming, and modernizing apps? Develop the skills to build better software with Pivotal’s Platform Acceleration Lab (PAL) through this 3-week immersive, best practices bootcamp.


Assess your readiness for IT Transformation

The tools, services and solutions below will help ensure a successful IT transformation. 

  • Knowledge and Skills Assessment
  • Dell Consulting Services
  • IT Transformation Solutions

Accelerate your progress toward IT Transformation with a free assessment of your current infrastructure and processes. This tool provides valuable insights and recommendations that can help your company move ahead now.

With world-class cloud, big data, and technology expertise, our experienced Professional Services team will help you:

  • Develop a roadmap for your IT transformation.
  • Build a hybrid cloud and offer both internal and external services to your users.
  • Redesign your IT organization to manage supply and demand for your services. 

Wherever you are in your IT Transformation journey, Dell EMC’s industry-leading portfolio of converged, cloud, server and All-Flash solutions helps you modernize infrastructure, automate IT services and transform people and processes. Partner with us to simplify IT, accelerate innovation and drive real results.