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Data Protection

Develop the knowledge and skills to make informed decisions on data protection-related technologies in increasingly complex modern data center environments.

By Technology / Solution

Proven Professional Certification


Data Protection Associate

Fundamentals training and knowledge of a technology


Data Protection Specialist

Role-specific training, baseline skills in a given technology




PowerProtect Data Manager Course

Learn how to implement and manage PowerProtect Data Manager, the modern cloud data protection solution that unlocks your data’s value. 



Getting started with PowerProtect

Virtual, On Demand and Lab training to:

  • Learn how to protect, manage and recover data on-premises and in virtualized and cloud environments
  • Develop skills to integrate with key products including Oracle, MS SQL
  • Discover and manage copy data within the environment and ensure compliance with IT governance

PowerProtect Software >



Featured Data Protection Training

Meet all your Data Protection training needs. Leverage comprehensive product training for our best-in-class replication, snapshot, and archive solutions.

Data Protection Appliances

Develop skills to transform data backup, archive, and disaster recovery with scalable, reliable and cloud-enabled data protection appliances and protection storage.

PowerProtect Software

Learn how to leverage the operational simplicity, agility and flexibility of PowerProtect Data Manager.

Data Protection Suite

Develop skills to use the flexibility and capabilities of Data Protection Suite to address a wide array of use cases.