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Valued Dell Technologies Partner,

Welcome to Dell Technologies Heroes, a community designed to connect you -- our partner systems engineers -- to Dell technologists.  With the world dependent on technology like never before, you have the opportunity to be technical heroes for customers -- leading, enabling and accelerating their businesses. This program was created for you -- you are Dell Technologies Heroes and we believe in the power of building this community for you to have access to the latest information on products, solutions and technology where you live and work. 

The Heroes in-person events are now a series of virtual technical development events, held on every major region, featuring Dell Technologies technical solution information, roadmaps, competitive positioning, and use cases. These are 100% partner focused with the Partner SE in mind -- consider it to be a Partner User Group community.  These focused technical training events are intended to be complementary to Partner Academy and other training offerings from Dell Technologies. 

If you have any questions about the Heroes Program or have any feedback, please contact us at




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Q2FY21 Heroes - DCC PowerEdge Data Analytics Solutions
Overview on available Data Analytics solutions utilizing the Dell EMC PowerEdge platform
Q2FY21 Heroes - Dell Technologies Cloud Channel
Dell Technologies Cloud - Technical Overview
Q2FY21 Heroes - Digital Cities
Overview of Dell Solutions for Digital Cities
Q2FY21 Heroes - Remote Workplace
Technical Overview on Remote Workplace Solutions
Q2FY21 Heroes - SAP Solutions
Solutions overview for SAP environments
Q2FY21 Heroes - Vmware Tanzu Kubernetes Clusters
Vmware - Tanzu Kubernetes Clusters
Q2FY21 Heroes - Vmware Tanzu Run & Manage
Vmware - Tanzu Run & Manage
Q1FY21 Heroes - DevOps & Containers
Generic introduction to DevOps and Containers
Q1FY21 Heroes - VMware_KubernetesForExecutives_eBook_Final_2_0919
Vmware ebook on Kubernetes
Q1FY21 Heroes - DPS PowerProtect for Kubernetes
PKS & Vmware Cloud Foundation Solutions on VxRail
Q1FY21 Heroes - MDC CI VxBlock-1000 - formatted
Converged Infrastructure: Technical Overview of the VxBlock 1000 productline
Q1FY21 Heroes - MDC PKS and VCF on VxRail
PKS & Vmware Cloud Foundation Solutions on VxRail
Q3FY21 Heroes - Servers PowerEdge Update Dell PowerEdge server portfolio 
Q3FY21 Heroes - Networking SD-WAN updtae Networking - SD-WAN technical overview
Q3FY21 Heroes - Networking Attach to Win Networking - upselling your storage opportunity with Dell networking
Q3FY21 Heroes - MDC Selling with Tools - Data Driven Engagements Overview how to drive quality sales engagement utilizing presales tools
Q3FY21 Heroes - MDC PowerStore Tips and Best Practices PowerStore - Best Practices
Q3FY21 Heroes - MDC PowerFlex Tech Overview PowerFlex - Technical Overview
Q3FY21 Heroes - Emerging Storage Technologies Emerging Storage Technologies
Q3FY21 Heroes - DPS Battle in the Cloud Dell Data Protection - Competitive Overview with Cloud in mind
Q2FY21 Heroes - DCC PowerEdge Services
Q2FY21 Overview on relevant Dell services for Dell PowerEdge servers
Q2FY21 Heroes - MDC CI Portfolio Overview
Q2FY21 Technology Overview - Dell EMC CI & HCI platforms
Q2FY21 Heroes - MDC CI-HCI Services
Overview on relevant Dell services for Dell CI/HCI platforms
Q2FY21 Heroes - MDC CloudIQ  Tech Overview
Technical overview on Dell EMC CloudIQ storage management platform
Q2FY21 Heroes - MDC Midrange Storage - Dell EMC Unity XT & SC Series presentation
Technical overview on Dell EMC Unity XT & SC Series 
Q2FY21 Heroes - MDC PowerMax High-End-Storage
Q2FY21 Heroes - MDC PowerStore Tech Session 2h+ MAIN DECK
Technical Overview on Dell EMC PowerStore systems
Q2FY21 Heroes - MDC Powervault_ME4_Series_Overview
Technical overview on Dell PowerVault ME4 storage platform
Q2FY21 Heroes - MDC VxRail Solutions with NVIDIA
Technical presentation on VDI infrastructure powered by Dell VxRail and NVIDIA 
Q2FY21 Heroes - UDS Isilon Services
Dell services for Dell UDS solutions
Q2FY21 Heroes - UDS overview - use before June-16 launch
Q2FY21 update on Dell Unstructured Data Solutions portfolio
Q1FY21 Heroes - MDC Connectrix Storage Networking - formatted
Storage Area Networking: Connectrix SAN Switching Solutions
Q1FY21 Heroes - MDC OHCI AzureStack - from Q4FY20
Hyperconverged Infrastructure: Dell Solutions for Microsoft AzureStack
Q3FY21 Heroes - Heroes Program Overview Heroes Program Overview
Q2FY21 Heroes - Dell EMC proven certifications
Dell Education Services - Q2FY21 Update
Q2FY21 Heroes - Partner Academy Update
Update on Partner Academy
Q3FY21 Heroes - Dell Tools Universe Tools Universe - 1-pager cheatsheet
Q3FY21 Heroes -Tools Overview v202007v2 Tools Overview Slidedeck
Q2FY21 Heroes - Why Klue - Channel 1-Pager
Cheatsheet on why using KLUE for competitive intelligence
Q1FY21 Heroes - QPT Overview & Workshop
Quick Proposal Tool Q1FY21 Update
Q3FY21 Heroes - Services_for_PowerStore Services for PowerStore Q3FY21
Q3FY21 Heroes - Sourcing Services from Dell_final Services Overview Q3FY21
Q2FY21 Heroes - MDC PowerMax Services
Overview on relevant Dell services for Dell HighEnd storage platforms