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Valued Dell Technologies Partner,

Welcome to Dell Technologies Heroes, a program that enables partners to sell Dell Technologies solutions with momentum and efficacy. Thanks to a complement of exclusive events and actionable content, training opportunities and professional networking, Heroes like you can help your customers achieve their business objectives, while also meaningfully advancing your own.

Your Heroes virtual technical development events are held in all major countries, featuring Dell Technologies technical solution information, roadmaps, competitive positioning, and use cases. You’ll also have the opportunity to hear from the our sponsors such as Intel, VMware, Cisco, NVIDIA and Brocade. These are 100% partner focused with the Partner SE in mind -- consider it to be a Partner User Group community. These focused technical training events are intended to be complementary to Partner Academy and other training offerings from Dell Technologies. This year, the Heroes community is stronger, better connected, and more powerful than ever, thanks to the new Heroes mobile app. The app connects Dell Technologies Heroes to one another, to Dell Technologies, and to our sponsors. Click here to learn more.

If you have any questions about the Heroes Program or have any feedback, please contact us at delltechheroes@dell.com.




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FY22_3Q-Heroes-Solutions-DTA-Digital-Workplace-FRS.pdf Work and Learn from Anywhere
FY22_Q3-Heroes-Product-SPS-UDS-Update.pdf PowerScale,ObjectScale,  ECS  - Update including Isilon / PowerScale Sevices
FY22_Q3-Heroes-Product-APEX-Upskilling.pdf APEX the Why & What for Channel including Partner Strategy & Program
FY22_3Q-Heroes-Product-APEX-Overview-For-Distributors.pdf APEX, Discover the APEX portfolio for Channel Partners
FY22_3Q-Heroes-Product-SPS-PowerEdge-15G.pdf All about the 15th Generation of PowerEdge including second wave
FY22_3Q-Heroes-Product-SPS-Entry_Midrange_Storage.pdf PowerVault ME4, Unity XT and PowerStore - Update
FY22_3Q-Heroes-Product-SPS-Midrange_Unity51-Update.pdf Unity XT 5.1 new features
FY22_3Q-Heroes-Product-SPS-CI-HCI-GeneralUpdate.pdf CI/HCI news with focus on new VxRail HW/SW 
FY22_3Q-Heroes_Product-SPS-PowerMax.pdf Updated PowerMax Presentation including Services
FY22_2Q3Q-Heroes-Product-SPS-VxBlock1000TechDecisionMaker.pdf VxBlock 1000, the Foundation for Mission Critical Cloud
FY22_2Q3Q-Heroes-Product-SPS-PowerStore-TechOverview.pdf PowerStore Technical Overview
FY22_2Q3Q-Heroes-Product-SPS-Connectrix-Storage-Networking.pdf Dell EMC Storage Networking Portfolio
FY22_2Q3Q-Heroes-Product-SPS-CI-Portfolio.pdf Converged Infrastructure Overview, VxBlock 1000
FY22_2Q3Q-Heroes-Product-DPS.pdf PowerProtect Backup Services
FY22_2Q3Q-Heroes_Product_SPS_Smart-Fabric-Services.pdf Integrated networks for Infrastructure Solutions
FY22_2Q3Q-Heroes_Product_SPS_SDWAN and SASE.pdf SD-WAN and SASE
FY22_2Q3Q-Heroes_Product_SPS_Networking-Technology-Update.pdf Dell Networking Enterprise SONiC Overview
FY22_2Q3Q-Heroes-Product-SPS-Connectrix-and-PowerStore.pdf PowerStore with Connectrix / Brocade
FY22_2Q3Q-Heroes-Programs-Channel-DEMO-Program.pdf Dell EMC Demo Program for channel partners
FY22_3Q-Heroes-VMware-Forward_Together_FINAL VMware Better Together deck containing all three theatre presentations
FY22_3Q-Heroes-Education-ProvenCertifications.pdf Training and Dell EMC Certification Guidance including "What's new" in Q3FY22
FY22_3Q-Heroes-Tools-PowerStore-Performance-Sizing-PowerSizer.pdf Exhaustive PowerSizer guidance
FY22_3Q-Heroes-Tools-Live_Optics.pdf All availabe and new Live Optics features
FY22_3Q-Heroes-Tools-CloudIQ.pdf Services - PowerStore
FY22_3Q-Heroes-Tools-CI-Intro&Klue.pdf KLUE Competitive Portal and team information
FY22_3Q-Heroes-Tools-DemoCenter.pdf Dell EMC Demo Center
FY22_2Q3Q-Heroes-Sponsor-Brocade-OptimizingPowerStoreWConnectrixB-SeriesNetworking.pdf Sponsor slides Brocade - PowerStore with Dell EMC Connectrix value proposition
FY22_2Q3Q-Heroes-Sponsor-Brocade-PowerStoreAndConnectrixB-Series.pdf Sponsor slides BROCADE
FY22_2Q3Q-Heroes-Sponsor-Intel_3rdGenUpdate.pdf Sponsor slides INTEL Ice Lake Generation
FY22_2Q3Q-Heroes-Sponsor-Nvidia.pdf Sponsor slides NVIDIA
FY22_3Q-Heroes-VMware-Forward_Together_FINAL VMware Better Together deck containing all three theatre presentations
FY22_2Q3Q-Heroes-Product-SPS-Connectrix-and-PowerStore.pdf PowerStore with Connectrix / Brocade