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Finding Virtual and Classroom courses

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  • Virtual and Classroom courses
  • Visa Invite Letter Requests

Finding virtual and classroom courses

The best way to view upcoming classes in your region is to use the Browse Scheduled Courses tool and leverage the date range filter to meet your needs.
First, ensure your region is correct by adjusting your country preference, if needed.
Next, adjust the date range filters to suit your needs.
You can also filter results by languages, price range and by keyword filter.


Submission of documents

  1. Download Visa Invite Letter Request Form below.
  2. Complete in full the visa invite letter form (page 2 – 4).
  3. Submit a case by uploading the completed visa invite letter form and attach a scanned copy of your passport to the case (Valid passport with at least six months validity on the date of entry into the country).
  4. Submit a case if you need further assistance.

*All documents are to be submitted in English.