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You did the work…now share your achievements online with your digital badge.



What is a digital badge?

A digital badge is a web-enabled version of your credentials that can be shared online via e-mail, social media, and on digital versions of a resume. Your digital badge contains a trusted method for real-time credential verification and labor market insights that relate to your skills and job interests.


Badge Types

Dell Technologies offers different types of digital badges to recognize your contribution and accomplishments in the Proven Professional certification program. Refer to the Badge Earners Guide to learn how to accept and share your badge



  • Certification Badges
  • Co-Skilled and Solutions
  • Knowledge Sharing Badges
  • Exam Developer Badges

Certification Badges

Earn your Dell Technologies Proven Professional certification and share your accomplishment.

See all Dell Technologies Proven Professional Certification Badges.


Co-Skilled and Solutions

These are issued in recognition of achieving a Dell Technologies Proven Professional certification and another related technical certification.

To ensure you receive your badge you will need to upload your 3rd party credential into your CertTracker account. Follow these step by step instructions.

Knowledge Sharing Badges

Issued in recognition of being a published or winning author in the Dell Technologies Proven Professional Knowledge Sharing competition.

Learn more about Dell Technologies Proven Professional Knowledge Sharing program.


Exam Developer Badges

Awarded to Dell Technologies Proven Professionals that have contributed to the development of an exam in the Dell Technologies Proven Professional program through their participation in an exam workshop.

Learn more about Exam Development.


Refer to the Badge Earners Guide to learn how to accept and share your badge.