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Dell Precision Tower 3630

Dell Precision Tower 3630

Entry level workstation with great performance.

The Dell Precision Tower 3630 incorporates key technologies like Xeon CFL CPU (up to 80W), 2667 Mhz DDR4 Memory, RMT, and Dell Precision Optimizer (DPO) while allowing scalability. It also enables customers using desktops for professional applications to migrate to workstations and enjoy the benefits and performance of a workstation for an economical price. It leverages Tri-chassis which can be used in multiple LOBs like Alienware, XPS, with workstation enhancements. The Dell Precision Tower 3630 is the right choice for small and medium business customers who prefer affordable workstations for use in design and engineering, graphic arts and web design, finance, and education.

It is also compatible with Dell AR Assistant

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