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Alienware 15R3/17R4

Alienware 15R3/17R4

Thinner Gaming Notebook

Alienware 13R3 / 15R3 / 17R4 is designed to ensure that the Alienware series retains its position as the premier gaming notebook in the PC gaming market. The new series utilizes a "hinge-forward" design that allows for a thinner chassis while supporting the thermal space and components necessary for the highest performance. The AlienFX lighting feature will continue to be supported in Alienware 13R3 / 15R3 / 17R4 as well as the external graphics support via the Caldera Graphics Accelerator. Innovative features include: facial recognition, integrated G-Sync displays, and Tobii eye tracking technology. In addition, we will be able to reach even higher performance levels due to the improved overclocking and the availability of the "Dark Matter" cooling dock.

Alienware 15R3/17R4 are Dell AR Assistant compatible.

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