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VMware On Demand is a robust, self-paced learning solution delivering modular training combined with hands-on or interactive, simulated labs, giving you a powerful alternative to traditional classroom training.

Dell hosts the lab portion of VMware On Demand Courses. Here are a number of resources that will assist with questions you may have about this program. 

Please click here to review additional information about the Dell-Hosted VMware On Demand Program.


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Access Instructions

What do I need to do first?

A VMware MyLearn account with your @dell.com or @emc.com email address is required to activate your training token.

You will need to create AND activate your MyLearn account before redeeming your token. 

If you do not have a MyLearn account, click here to be directed to VMware.

For support issues creating your MyLearn account, please click here to be directed to VMware.

If you have a pre-existing non-Dell/EMC account, please send an email to mylearn_suppport@Vmware.com and ask for your account to be merged with your Dell/EMC email. 


When will I receive my access instructions?

You will receive access instructions on the Saba Cloud Start Date of the specific class you registered for. Please do not anticipate or request Access Instructions any earlier.

Please check your email for the instructions.  The email will come from "Dell EMC Education Services" and be titled "Dell Hosted VMware On Demand Token".

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Compatibility for VMware® Learning Platform

CLICK HERE to complete the steps outlined in the attached document. 



If all tests are successful - you see the VDC Test Desktop, the Core Speed is >= 1.5Mbps and ran successfully trough the VLP Connectivity Test - then there is no need for any further action. 


If one or more tasks fails, then please contact edutechsupport@emc.com. A member of the DELL Technologies lab support team will be in contact to troubleshoot any issues.



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To help improve your overall learning experience, we have put together a short 20 minute video that will walk you through much of the VMware On Demand process and discuss a lot of common issues we see Students run into.

Video Link




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Hot Issues

Q: I've registered for the course, but I'm not sure how to access my training?

A: Please review the Access Instructions Self-Help Page for more details.  


Q: I can't seem to find my lab guide, can you help?

A: Yes, it is important that you use the embedded Lab Guide in your Lab Environment. It will be located on the far right side of the lab itself. If it is not visible, you may have to click on the tab that says "MANUAL".

You will receive an email from VMware after enrolling in the training with a link to access the eBooks. That is only to be used for reference after the live training as the guides may be altered from the live labs Dell is hosting.


Q: I am having an issue with the VMware lab environment, can you help?

A: Most lab-related issues have been root-caused to out-of-date or wrong licenses. It is important to review the license update steps embedded within your lab guide in the lab environment.


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Want More Lab Time?

We are only able to extend Lab Time if we determine an actual lab failure in your environment.

Your lab time will be automatically extended in those cases.


If you'd like extended lab time for continued experimentation, VMware Hands-on-Labs (HOL) is an excellent alternative resource. 



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