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Dell Technologies Education Services is currently managing participant guides in the form of ebooks through our partner Content Raven. The ebooks allows Dell Technologies to control and manage the guides, as well as provide a level of security for our intellectual property.  This eBook solution distributes student materials in an electronic format which can be accessed anywhere and anytime from a PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

The electronic material is similar to a printed book while providing the ability to bookmark, make notes, and highlight key concepts in the text.  With this technology, the content is managed, delivered, and tracked in a secure method worldwide to any device including the users’ own device. The tracking capability provides access to key analytics gaining valuable insights into how students use the training materials.

The course utilizes an eBook provided by Content Raven.

If you did not receive your registration confirmation email and have not already accessed your eBook, please follow the below process to gain access to your ebooks prior to the start of class:

Browser Support for Content Raven:
Note: IE 11 is currently not supported

Supported Browsers:
- Google Chrome
- Firefox
- Safari – Macintosh systems only


For Returning Users With an Account: 
If you have enrolled in previous courses through Dell EMC, you can go directly to the eBook site by clicking https://cloud.contentraven.com/login.aspx and log in using the email you registered for the training under and the password you previously created.


For New Users:

  1. Go to https://cloud.contentraven.com/login.aspx
  2. When page loads put in the user name you used when you registered for your class
  3.  Click on “Forgot Password?
    • Put in your email address and click send
    • You will receive instructions on how to reset or in the case of first time users, create a password
  4. Go to your email and retrieve the email from support@contentraven.com
    • In the Reset Confirmation email there will be a “ Click Here” link
    • When you click on the link you will be taken to a page where you can create a password.
  5. It will show your user name which is your email address
    • Put in your “ New Password” – Must contain 6-16 characters
    • Confirm the Password in the next entry field
    • Click reset
  6. You will now be taken to the eBook Share site
    • Click on the Document you wish to load
    • From here you can print or download it to your computer.

Document Viewer PDF (This document provides instruction on each viewer tool available):



Document Viewer Video (This video provides a walkthrough of the viewer):


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