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Data Science – Advanced Analytics 


  • Associate Level
  • Specialist Level

Develop a practical foundation skill to participate in big data and other analytics projects. The Data Science and Big Data Analytics course is aligned with Dell Technologies Proven Professional Data Science Associate v2 (DCA-DS) Certification.

Associate – Data Science Version 2.0 (DCA-DS)

See below for steps to obtain this certification 

Step 1 - Complete the recommended training listed below

DEA-7TT2 Training >

Step 2 - Pass the exam below

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Develop skills to build on the Associate level course in Data Science (Data Science & Big Data Analytics) and help aspiring Data Scientists continue to evolve and expand their skill sets. The main growth areas include advanced analytical methods, Hadoop (and Pig, Hive, HBase), Social Network Analysis, Natural Language Processing, and Visualization methods. The development of these skills and the use of these methods provide the data scientist the ability to identify and communicate conclusions and recommendations in order to solve business challenges across many domains.

Specialist - Data Scientist, Advanced Analytics Version 1.0 (DCA-DS)

See below for steps to obtan this certification 

Step 1 - Acquire prescribed Associate Level Certification


Step 2 - Complete the recommended training listed below

Step 3 - Pass Exam

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