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Proven Professional Certification

Accelerate growth.  Maximize your impact. Validate your skills. Get certified!

Certification Overview 

Leverage the Dell Technologies Proven Professional program to realize your full potential. A combination of technology-focused and role-based training and exams to cover concepts and principles as well as the full range of Dell Technologies’ hardware, software and solutions.​

Learn about the Proven Professional Certification Program

Go to the Proven Professional Certification Program Channel on the Learning Studio to learn everything you need to know about the Program and the recommended steps to best prepare for and obtain your certification.​

* For Non-Dell badged employees, get your Certification information here.​

Begin your journey to Certification 

Select the Track aligned to the certification you wish to pursue to view available exam aligned pathways in Learning Studio that will provide access to everything you need to achieve your certification.

* For Non-Dell badged employees, get your Certification information here.​