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Cybersecurity Training

Gain practical knowledge in cybersecurity to maintain and, in the event of a cyber-attack, recover mission-critical business data and applications. Find information and resources on topics such as data breaches, ransomware, data protection best practices, and application and infrastructure security. 

New! Security Foundations Course

This instructor-led course covers how organizations minimize their risks associated with cybersecurity attacks. The content covers the various risks and attack vectors as well as the techniques and frameworks used to prevent and respond to possible attacks.

Proven Professional Certifications

Security – Achievement Skill

Security - NIST Skill Certification

Completing the Security Foundations course, including the Capstone assessment, plus passing the NIST Cybersecurity exam earns the learner the Dell Infrastructure Security badge.  

Free On Demand Training

Tech Exchange is an immersive learning experience for all audiences. Check out the Cybersecurity Sessions: 


Secrets with Kubernetes and DevSecOps

Cyber Security Recovery Solutions 

What is the Role of Cyber Security?


Featured Courses and Packages

Security Foundations

With a focus on people, process, and technology, the security foundations course covers a broad range of topics such as the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, ransomware, security hardening, as well as cloud and edge security. 

The course concludes with a capstone project to apply the covered security concepts and approaches to a scenario-based case study.

Delivery Type Length
Traditional Classroom 16 Hours
On Demand 10 Hours

Cybersecurity Training – Package

This training package covers security concepts and IT frameworks, practical training on implementing the NIST Cybersecurity framework, and provides real world understanding of products and key components of modern cyber security solutions. Upon completion of this training, students will have sufficient knowledge to pass the CompTIA Security+ and Dell Technologies Proven Professional DCS: Infrastructure Security certifications.

The package includes the following courses:

• Introduction to IT Frameworks and NIST (On Demand, 5hrs)

• CompTIA Security + Certification (On Demand, 20hrs)

• PowerProtect DD Virtual Edition Implementation

(On Demand, 1.5hrs)

• Implementing the NIST Cybersecurity Framework

(On Demand, 5hrs)

• PowerProtect Cyber Recovery Administration

(On Demand, 2hrs)

• PowerProtect Cyber Recovery Concepts (On Demand, 30 min)

• PowerProtect Cyber Recovery Design (On Demand, 3hrs)

• PowerProtect Cyber Recovery Features (On Demand, 1hr)

• PowerProtect DD and Data Domain Concepts and Features

(On Demand, 1.5hrs)

• User Authentication, Access Controls and Security Standards

(On Demand, 2hrs)

Delivery Type Length
On Demand 44 Hours

PowerProtect Cyber Recovery Design and Administration

This course covers the concepts, features, management and design of PowerProtect Cyber Recovery and CyberSense. The course contains the steps to manage storage and applications and policies, copies, and sandboxes. The course also covers recovery operations with PPDM, NetWorker, and Avamar. Security considerations and additional administrative tasks are also covered.

Delivery Type Length
Traditional Classroom 16 Hours
Virtual Classroom 16 Hours

Cybersecurity Upskill Training – Package

This package includes key training to help enhance your security posture and ensure you have a strong cybersecurity skillset. Package prepares students for three certifications: Dell Infrastructure Security Specialist, CompTIA Security+, and CISSP. Exam vouchers must be purchased separately

The package includes the following courses:

• Introduction to Cybersecurity Frameworks (On Demand, 1 hour)

• CompTIA Security + Certification (On Demand, 20hrs)

• Implementing the NIST Cybersecurity Framework (On Demand, 5 hours)

• Certified Information Systems Security Professional –CISSP – Prep Course (Virtual Classroom, 40 hours)

Delivery Type Length
On Demand  66 Hours

Cybersecurity Resources