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  • Training Credits
  • Dell Learning Hub Subscription Plans
  • Credit Card
  • Terms and Conditions

What are Training Credits?

Training Credits are a convenient way to purchase Dell Technologies Education Services training while protecting your training budget. Valid for one (1) year from date of purchase. Training Credits provide the flexibility to purchase training and define a training plan at a later date.


Training Credits expire one (1) year from date of purchase.

Purchasing Training Credits

You can purchase Training Credits on via our Purchase Options page.

How many Training Credits should I purchase?

All classes on the Education Services website will display a Training Credit price, if applicable. The number of Training Credits displayed for that offering is the number you can use to purchase with.

Cancellation Policy


What is the Learning Hub?

Dell Learning Hub is a flexible, online platform with an extensive library of technical training options across the Dell Education Services portfolio. Start building skills quickly, when and where you want.

Free Trial

The trial to Dell Learning Hub gives you 14-day free access to our On Demand Learn Subscription plan.

Try our 14-day free trial

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Purchasing with a Credit Card

Most training is only available for purchase with Training Credits or Subscription. Currently available to purchase with a credit card:

Training Credits, Subscriptions, Exam Vouchers.

Visit the terms and conditions page for Education Services' policies.