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Overcome capability gaps impeding your Infrastructure-as-Code readiness with the Organizational Learning Program

A prescriptive and programmatic approach to define the learning path to meet your specific business needs




Proven Methodology


Knowledge and Skills Analysis

Continuous Learning

Proven Professional Certification

Understand your team’s goals, discover skill and knowledge gaps,  and identify requirements to develop talent that can drive transformation with new and emerging technologies.

The transformation journey begins with mapping the organization’s skills readiness to its ability to meet the challenges of rapidly evolving processes and technologies. Dell Technologies Education Services can assess the existing knowledge and skills of an organization and advise a blended curriculum of courses for teams to learn new technologies and processes.

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Implement your customized learning plan. Empower end users and bridge skills gaps through role-based training, assessments and certification delivered in the formats that are best for your team.

Well-defined and adaptable learning paths ensure that organizations and individuals develop the full range of skills they need to be successful and maximize return on their Dell Technologies investments. Leverage Education Services’ robust training portfolio to realize the full value of your investments across the four transformational pillars – IT Transformation, Workforce Transformation, Security Transformation and Application Transformation.

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Validate the skills learned and demonstrate real value.  From training-aligned, to experience-based, Dell Technologies’ industry-leading certification program spans concepts, products and solutions that prove capability.

Dell Technologies Proven Professional is a leading certification program in the IT industry, providing comprehensive coverage of information technologies, virtualization, cloud computing, data science/big data analytics and more, giving individuals and organization confidence in their capabilities.

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Dell Technologies Consulting Services for IaC & DevOps


Orchestrate Your Flow of Infrastructure changes Infrastructure-as-Code

  • Our Infrastructure-as-Code Service enables you to build a requisite tool chain and delivery pipeline to manage and modernize infrastructure. We use best practices from software development and release management disciplines to achieve your business goals as efficiently as possible.
    • Drive down costs
    • Be more responsive to customer demands
    • Design system definitions and configurations in code

Integrate Infrastructure and  Application changes into a unified pipeline DevOps Implementation

  • Our DevOps services help enhance your software development processes. By guiding your teams towards better performance and responsiveness, we enable you to remain competitive in an ever-changing market. These services facilitate rapid and continuous delivery into the software development lifecycle (SDLC), while driving IT agility and performance through automation and collaboration.
    • Streamline release management
    • Improve competitiveness by driving agility into the SDLC
    • Bring an environment into a known state using Infrastructure-as-Code