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2018 Knowledge Sharing Winners and Articles

The 2018 Knowledge Sharing Winners accept their awards at the ceremony.

L – R: Asha Saini, Bill Lupo, Mike Apigian, Sr. Director Dell EMC Education Services, Marina Levina, Charles Atkins, Vice President Dell EMC Education Services, Umit Dericioglu, Nelson Jiao, Rajasekhar Nannapanneni, Wei Lin, Anthony Dutra, Steve Todd, Varshith Anilkumar, Ravinder Singh.


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Title Author Overview
2018 Competition First Place Winner
Rock Around the Blockchain with Dell Technologies

Author Interview
Steve Todd,
Dell Technologies Fellow, DELL EMC
This article explores all the system issues that need to be considered when supporting new blockchain applications. Steve compares and contrasts leading blockchain implementations, guides us through a full spectrum of integration issues, and outlines best practices for tackling those issues.
2018 Competition Second Place Winner
Prediction using Artificial Neural Networks

Author Interview
Rajasekhar Nannapaneni,
Senior Advisor, Solutions Architect, Dell EMC
This article details how the benchmark called Mackey-Glass chaotic time series model is predicted using feed forward multi-layer perceptron neural network with error back propagation algorithm. The architecture and algorithm developed in this article can easily be extended to any real world time-series prediction requirements.
2018 Competition Third Place Winner

Conceptual Framework using DL for Airport CEP

Author Interview
Wei Lin, Ph.D.
Chief Data Scientist, Senior Manager, 
Americas Consulting Practice 
Application and Big Data/IoT Transformation, Dell EMC

Bill Schmarzo,
CTO, Big Data Analytics Consulting Practice, Dell EMC
This article presents a simplified airport complex event processing (CEP) scenario with an airliner on fire on the tarmac. In this conceptual framework, Deep Learning (DL) techniques are leveraged to simplify the processing by encapsulating the events sequence and responses by recognizing an event and then, generating logical responses via supervised learning.
Best of Big Data

Using Open Data to Predict Market Movements

Author Interview
Ravinder Singh, Director of Analytics, Dell EMC

Marina Levina, Data Scientist, Dell EMC

Nelson Jiao, Data Architect, Dell EMC

Asha Saini, Data Architect, Dell EMC
An IT firms’ ability to predict the movement of market players provides competitive benefits. This article explores how the archive of billions of web pages, captured monthly since 2008 and available for free analysis on AWS, can be used to mimic and predict IT trends reflected in industry-standard consulting reports.
Best of Data Protection

Optimization of VM Image Backups with Right Proxies

Author Interview
Umit Dericioglu, Senior Advisor, Delivery Specialist, Dell EMC This article explains the importance of using the right proxy and what it means. It discusses a suggested method to determine the appropriate proxy to use for backups, development of a simple Perl program using VMware Perl SDK, how to perform a periodical proxy health check and posits ideas to incorporate into Avamar or any other backup system which does not perform automatic proxy optimization.
Best of IT Transformation

Transformation in the 4th Industrial Revolution

Author Interview
Anthony Dutra, Presales Systems Engineer, Dell EMC

William Lupo, Technical Strategist, Club Benchmarking LLC.

Varshith Hakkithimmanahalli
, Software Engineer, Boston University
This article explores the history of technologies’ influence on humanity, beginning with the first Industrial Revolution to how e-commerce has reshaped the way we do business. The authors discuss the influence of technologies such as virtualization, Cloud, Big Data, Internet of Things (IoT), cryptocurrencies, and VR/AR in shifting social consciousness.





2018 Articles selected for publishing
Title Category Author Summary
IoT Security: Challenges, Solutions & Future Prospects Internet of Things Mikhail Gloukhovtsev
Sr. Solutions Architect
Digital Solutions, Cloud & IoT
Orange Business Services

IoT attack vectors can target devices, gateways, SIM/Cell, transceivers, wearables and take advantage of weak passwords, lack of encryption, backdoors, and more.

This article explores IoT security challenges, security requirements for IoT architecture, current security solutions and new evolving technologies. A great resource for those involved in selecting secure IoT technologies for their businesses.

Solving Educational Pitfalls with Big Data Big Data Zeehasham Rasheed
Principal Software Engineer Data Science
Adjunct Professor - George Mason University
This article discusses the need for educational institutions to utilize more data to improve their performance. The author highlights the opportunity that adoption of data science and big data technologies presents to improve data gathering and analysis in education.
NVMe over Fabrics: New Class of Storage Emerging Technologies Ravi Kumar Sriramulu
Sales Engineer Analyst
Dell EMC

Chethan Nagaraj
Sales Engineer Analyst
Dell EMC

Narendra Nekkanti
Senior Sales Engineer
Dell EMC
Non-volatile memory (NVMe) devices have a limitation of being local to the host over its PCIe bus which makes it difficult to extend its potential to different use cases. This article discusses ‘NVMe over Fabrics’, a new technology that alleviates this limitation by enabling the use of alternate transports to PCIe and acts as alternative to SCSI standards.
Title Category Author Summary
Blockchain Enabling IT Transformation Blockchain

Dahab Shafik
Associate Sales Engineer Analyst
Dell EMC

Abdelrahman Elnakeeb
Associate Sales Engineer Analyst
Dell EMC

Ahmed Abdelaal
Associate Sales Engineer Analyst
Dell EMC

Mohamed Sohail
Delivery Specialist
Dell EMC

Blockchain technology is clearly impacting many industries. This article examine three of the biggest – FinTech, supply chain management and  distributed cloud – where applying Blockchain is ground breaking or has the potential to be ground breaking in the future. The authors conclude their article with a discussion on how the Dell Technologies portfolio can help leverage the recent prominence of Blockchain.

EEG Report to Recordings Matching and Text Mining

Machine Learning

Tony Ku, Ph.D.
Advisory Consultant
Dell EMC Consulting Services

Yu-Ping Shao
Data Scientist
Massachusetts General Hospital

M. Brandon Westover, M.D., Ph.D.
Director, Clinical Data Animation Center (CDAC)
Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts General Hospital

Manohar Ghanta
Data Engineer
Massachusetts General Hospital

To take advantage of advanced machine learning and deep learning techniques to accelerate clinical diagnoses such as Electroencephalography (EEG), supervised learning is typically the most time-consuming, expensive, and least scalable process. This article examines how to streamline the data pipeline of curating labeled data sets of neurological events to patient waveform files.
Data Access Technologies  for Java – General Study DevOps Manzar Chaudhary
Principal Software Engineer
Persistence layer is required in almost every project. As data access technologies rapidly evolve, new frameworks are being written to make development of persistence layer easier and faster. This article classifies database access technologies (for Java) into various generation as per the chronological order as they evolve. It also highlights the features and presents a comparative study of each generation.
Human-Computer Interaction and the User Interface Emerging Technologies Bruce Yellin
Data Center Architect
This Knowledge Sharing article examines the world of user interfaces and innovations that have allowed us to more fully benefit from the computing world around us. Readers will be taken on a fascinating adventure, touching on the beginning of the user interface, and diving into the world of voice, gesture and brain control of technology.
Storage Migration – Hybrid Array to All-Flash Array Core Technologies Victor Wu
Solution Architect,
Storage & Virtualization BoardWare Information System Limited
This article discusses how to migrate data from Dell EMC VNX storage into Dell EMC Unity All-Flash storage. A sample of the environment is presented that includes Microsoft Windows platform and VMware Hypervisor which are running on Cisco UCS Unified Computing System. Determining the best migration methodology and how to prepare for data migration is also discussed.
Encroachment and Advancement of IOT Internet of Things Varuni Rv
Associate Sales Engineer Analyst
Dell EMC
This article explores IoT in industry segments that are interesting as well as those that are sensitive and need improvement to ease the common problems that occur in daily life. Topics covered include healthcare, agriculture, advertising, transportation, and more.
Electronic Voting System using Blockchain Blockchain Raghavendra Ganji
Dell EMC

Yatish BN
Dell EMC
This article explains how blockchain can be securely employed in mass electoral procedures without the need of a central authority body. The authors examine a voting system using blockchain that is robust, tamper proof and cost effective. Blockchain technologies available to use in the voting system such as Ethereum, Multichain, etc. are reviewed along with a discussion on the architecture, design and design constraints and implementation implications of such voting mechanism in our society.
Isilon SWIFT Made Easy! (OneFS 8.x and later) Emerging Technologies Akshay Kumar This article describes the best practices for setting up and managing Isilon SWIFT services on Dell EMC Isilon cluster as object storage interface compatible with the OpenStack Swift 1.0 application programming interface (API).
Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring for Smart Grid Decision Support Big Data William Schneider
Sr. Data Scientist
Dell EMC

Fernanda Campello de Souza
Sr. Data Scientist
Dell EMC
Unsupervised Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring (NILM) disaggregates high-level aggregate measurements to contributions of individual appliances, based on a single metering point (smart meter at main breaker level). This offers a cheaper method of implementation through its low setup cost and short training phase. This article examines sub-metering data collected over one year for 20 houses in the UK, to evaluate the potential of NILM techniques in supporting smart grid analytics.
Fidelity of the Digital Twin Internet of Things Marina Levina
Sr. Competitive Intelligence Advisor
Dell EMC

Bryan Duerk
Dell EMC
This article describes the origins and types of Digital Twins, explores specifications for data type and amount of data needed based on the industry verticals and use cases, discusses the need for new economic and business models; analyzes limitations and requirements (including data sources, tools, and technologies) for accurate modeling of a high fidelity Digital Twin.
AI Web Engine Project Big Data Phil Hummel
Technical Marketing Consultant
Machine Learning and AI
Dell EMC

Gene Chesser
Dell EMC
This article describes a project currently underway to develop an intelligent application to support a community of employees, customers, partners and researchers with interest in machine learning, deep learning and artificial intelligence. Readers will gain a deeper appreciation for how ML/DL/AI can be used in a real-world business scenario.
Are We Coding Our Way to Extinction? Machine Learning Krishna Kant This article traces the development of compute power over the years and extrapolates it to the future. It deciphers the key elements which constitute AI and also explores from a technical standpoint whether human beings have the potential to achieve singularity, and if singularity is achieved, what lies beyond it.
Exchange, NetWorking & Repair Core Technologies Sinan Caliskan
Technical Solutions Consultant
This troubleshooting/how-to article provides a restore alternative when the primary restore with NetWorker does not work.
Threats and Challenges in Machine Learning Big Data Dayne Sorvisto
Sales Engineer Analyst
Dell EMC
This article explores vulnerabilities in a few machine learning algorithms used in software applications today. The author describes how to mitigate many common security vulnerabilities in the age of big data with a simple common sense approach.
Distributed Cloud Model through Blockchain Technology Blockchain Kanishk Kumar
Advisory Delivery Specialist
Dell EMC
This article takes a deep look at blockchain technology and how it can be used to implement a successful Distributed Cloud model to store and protect user data.
The IT Managed Services Transition Process Business Process Charles Weeks
Advisory Delivery Specialist
Dell EMC
In any IT Managed Services (MS) organization, the success of the "transition" engagement depends upon an MS group’s ability to follow a methodology of activities and tasks. This article describes the steps and activities that are essential to attain a successful IT MS transition.
Artificial Intelligence (AI): New Face of IT Machine Learning Sandesh Sudhakaran K S This article provides an overview of AI, and explains how it can be used to build smart apps that help organizations be more efficient and enrich people’s lives.
graphR. - Analyzing VMware Environments Made Easy Virtualization Stephan Michard RVTools is a VMware utility that connects to a vCenter and gathers detailed information on the VMware environment Analyzing RVTool exports manually can be time-consuming, error-prone and cumbersome. This Knowledge Sharing video illustrates how a webapp called graphR. simplifies and automates analysis of RV-Tool exports.
IoT & Block Chain - a Wallet of Secrets Blockchain

Mohamed Sohail
Advisory Solutions Architect
Dell EMC

Waseem Mohammad Fayed
Advisory Consultant
Dell EMC

Fidel Kaldas
Advisor, Service Delivery
Dell EMC

Architecting an IoT ecosystem is often a complex undertaking. This article examines the challenges to keeping the IoT secure, and ensuring that a particular instance of the IoT cannot be used as a jumping off point to attack another enterprise.
Epilepsy Prediction using Deep Learning in HPC Machine Learning

Ronaldo Lopes

Mauro Damo

Senior Data Scientist / Advisory Consultant Dell EMC

Srinivasan Sivaramakrishnan
Data Scientist / Consultant
Dell EMC

Wei Lin

This article explores how automating detection and prediction of seizures based on various key indicators or patterns can revolutionize the physicians’ approach to diagnose and understand seizures and epilepsies.
Unleash Customer challenges with Isilon Gen 6 Emerging Technologies

Bhupendra Singh
Sales Engineer Analyst
Dell EMC

Sriram Chandrasekar
Manager 2, Sales Engineer Analyst
Dell EMC

Ravi Sriramulu
Manager 1, Sales Engineer Analyst
Dell EMC

Vivek Dharmalingam

Sales Engineer Analyst
Dell EMC

This article provides a technical overview and positioning of new generation Gen 6 Isilon hardware products; its design purpose, advantages of using Gen 6 nodes, its value proposition, and how it differs from Gen 5 product family and use cases for each of the Gen 6 node types.
ECS, Hortonworks & Kerberos; a Big Data Solution Big Data Cristina Alvarez 

Denis Jannot
This article describes how to perform the complex configuration and integration among Kerberos, Hortonworks and ECS, how to run functional tests (including Distcp, Hive, Spark, HBase and Sqoop frameworks, using ECS as internal or external file system in the Hadoop cluster), and how to run benchmarks that demonstrate that ECS is a good fit for Hadoop frameworks where latency is not critical, like Hive or Spark.
VMware vSAN and NSX: Design & Deploy Guidelines Virtualization Anuj Sharma
Principal Engineer Solutions Architecture
Dell EMC 
This article serves as quick reference for Enterprise Architects to understand the core concepts of VMware vSAN and NSX.
Decrypting Practical AI: Empowering or Enslaving Humans Machine Learning Mohammed Hashim
Digital Infrastructure – Automation & Tools Head
This article will help organizations, business consultants, technology partners, solution architects, futurists and the education community understand AI and its complex ecosystem, its practical applications; discover newer AI-based business opportunities, design DAI solutions and adopt AI at large without fear of killer bots dominating mankind in the upcoming AI revolution.
Swarm Intelligence & EC- based Image Segmentation Big Data Rajasekhar Nannapaneni
Consultant Solutions Architect
Dell EMC
Computational Intelligence-based genetic algorithm from evolutionary computing paradigm and particle swarm optimization algorithm from swarm intelligence paradigms are newer approaches to address multidimensional optimization problems. In this article, a hybrid approach is developed using these algorithms which improves the way to tackle the multilevel thresholding-based image segmentation problem when the dimensionality of thresholding increases in image processing and analytics.
Starting a DevOps Journey in a Telco in Brazil DevOps

Julio Pereira
Advisory Consultant
Dell EMC

Felipe Miziara
Senior Project Manager
Dell EMC

Gerson Graciani
Senior Solutions Architect
Dell EMC

Ricardo Herrmann
Data Scientist
Dell EMC

This article shares the authors’ experiences and accumulated knowledge about establishing a healthy strategic and technical relationship with a big client who faces internal resistance from legacy software development models, and how they help them move forward using modern DevOps practices.
The Importance of Hardware Raising All Boats
Core Technologies Paul Brant
Principal Internet Sales Consultant
New hardware technologies, architectures and processes are providing new influential approaches in catering to the ravenous appetite of new applications. This article discusses the opportunities and approaches that new hardware solutions provide in sustaining the appetite of software as it continues trying to eat the world.
The Power of Proactive Log Analysis with ELK & ECS Big Data Cristina Alvarez 

Denis Jannot
This article covers deployment and use of ELK with ECS, including several scenarios depending on the customer needs. From manually collecting the logs, to automatically doing it with a tool specifically created to enhance the content of the logs, to configuring syslog to collect the ECS data in real-time, followed by ways to use the logs once they are collected.
Isilon Gen6 and Comparison with Gen5 (for Newbies) Emerging Technologies Akshay Kumar
Principal Engineer, Solutions Architect
Dell EMC
This article provides a high level comparison of Isilon Gen5 and Gen6. The author highlights new design and architecture changes in Gen6 and explains how it works.




The 2017 Knowledge Sharing Winners accept their awards at the ceremony.

L-R: Carlos Freire, Wei Lin, Mikhail Gloukhovtsev, Ronaldo Lopes, Mauro Damo, Charles Atkins, Steve Todd, Luiz Pissinatti, Joe Milardo, Mohammed Hashim, William Schneider

Title Author(s) Thumbnail Summary
2017 Competition First Place Winner
Containers: IT Management and Operation Aspects
Mikhail Gloukhovtsev
Sr. Solutions Architect
Orange Business Services

This article reviews possible solutions for the challenges IT operations teams face when adopting containerized applications along with other aspects of container management and operation support. The article presents an IT management and operation practitioner view that will help readers in using container technologies for their businesses.

2017 Competition Second Place Winner
The Blockchain Opportunity: Last Call

Carlos Freire
Account Systems Engineer
Dell EMC


Luiz Pissinatti 
Account Executive
Dell EMC

This article lists actionable steps that individuals and organizations might want follow to take advantage of the Blockchain opportunity. Interesting use cases – smart contracts, distributed cloud storage, electronic voting, among others – are presented, preceded by a brief technical introduction to blockchain itself, a quick history of its unconventional beginnings and current development.

2017 Competition Third Place Winner
Data's Value: Digital Transformation's Dirty Secret
Steve Todd
Dell Technologies Fellow
Dell EMC

This article highlights "Five Steps to Data Value" that will result in new business processes and IT touch points that enable knowing how to establish the purchase price of a data set and which data sets are "most monetizable", how to create new data products and services, and establishing the value of analytic models that, when implemented, will greatly increase an organization’s ability to monetize their data.

Best of Applied Data Analytics
Medical Image Recognition Using Deep Learning
Ronaldo Lopes
Data Scientist 
Dell EMC 

Mauro Damo
Data Scientist
Dell EMC

William Schneider
Data Scientist 
Dell EMC 

Wei Lin
Chief Data Scientist 
Dell EMC

This article reviews Computer Aided Tumor diagnosis methods using Deep Learning techniques, use of these techniques in a study over a dataset of human body images; and application of the mentioned machine learning techniques using open source tools.

Best of Emerging Technology
Transforming Lives through Augmented Reality
Mohammed Hashim
Senior Architect, 
Digital Engineering
Brillio Technologies

This article discusses market trends, fundamentals and working of Augmented reality (AR) and Milgram’s Reality-Virtuality Continuum. Further, it guides enterprises for adopting AR into mainstream business, catalysts and challenges and solution implementation with Virtual Personal Assistant (VPA).

2017 Articles Selected for Publishing
  Title Category Author(s) Thumbnail
July Disaster Recovery Using NetWorker and Data Domain Core Tech (Avamar, NW, DD, DPA, SourceOne) Michael Dick
Principal Solutions Architect
Dell EMC
This article is a useful guide to Disaster Recovery of clients using NetWorker and Data Domain in a remote site. It demonstrates how to execute effective DR of a NetWorker client using NetWorker clones and Data Domain fast copy to an existing or new NetWorker server without the need to recover this NetWorker server using a bootstrap backup.
Unmasking Delusions Of CI/HCI Converge And Conquer Hyper Converged Infrastructure Shashank Shekhar
SE Analyst
Dell EMC
This article examines what Converged/Hyper-Converged Infrastructure actually is and how marketing myths can be unmasked while highlighting reality. An analysis is provided of the benefits of CI/HCI, challenges in developing this technology, and future trends.
Big Data Fuels Autonomous Cars Big Data

Jumana Bayoumy
Associate System Engineer Analyst
Dell EMC


Moustafa Hisham
System Engineer Analyst
Dell EMC

The idea of autonomous cars will restructure every industry that depends on the vehicle, from taxis to car manufacturing, buses and trucking. This article explains how Big Data is essential to self-driving cars, exposing readers to the world of autonomous cars, illustrating their architecture, and how they work.
August Elastic Cloud Storage Sizing Isilon Poorna Chandra Prashanth C
Senior Systems Engineer Analyst
Dell EMC – Presales Shared Services
Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS) provides a complete software defined object storage platform designed for today’s cloud scale storage requirements. This article provides a high level overview of the basic steps in sizing the ECS Appliance using Dell EMC best practices.
Going Green with Micro Data Centers Open Anthony Dutra
Sr. Analyst, Sales Operations
Dell EMC
This article discusses the emergence of micro data centers, what expectations are beginning to develop within the interested community which turns the idea into a viable industry, and how such data centers are (or have the potential) to contribute to “green data center” company initiatives.
2 TIER is the Future Open

Samuel Thomas
Associate System Engineer Analyst Dell Technologies

Vijayakumar Ravindran
Sr Advisor, IT Infrastructure
Dell Technologies

Ananya Das
Associate System Engineer Analyst
Dell Technologies


Swetha Sounder
Associate System Engineer Analyst
Dell Technologies

This article discusses features of 2 TIER and explains why Dell EMC believes this is designed for Third Platform.
September The Miraculous World of Solid-State Drive Open Bruce Yellin
Data Center Architect
This article explains the intricacies of solid-state storage. Readers will learn about the popular interfaces and form factors available, gain an understanding of IOPs and latencies, how to evaluate SSD TCO, and examine the art of SSD benchmarking. Future innovations such as storing data by heating molecules in Phase-Change Memory and the radical idea of saving multiple values using resistance in a device called the Memristor are also discussed.
Big Data Etymology and Enough of the ETL Already Big Data Curtis Breville
Advisory Systems Engineer
Dell EMC
Extract-transform-load (ETL) remains a tedious and time-consuming process in the world of predictive analytics. This article draws attention to the concerns around ETL for data transformation software vendors to address and provide insight to today’s alternatives to ETL.
NFV: Instigation of Telecom Transformation Cloud Open/Open Sara Nouh
Systems Engineer Analyst
Dell EMC

Mariam Kiryakos
Associate Systems Engineer Analyst
Dell EMC

Reem Mansour,

Systems Engineer Analyst
Dell EMC
This article discusses business needs that have emerged for Communication Service Providers (CSPs) and how the transformation in industry is in need of agile yet efficient infrastructures. The Provider Cloud System (PCS) architecture is explained along with examples of POC proposals showing how flexible and customizable PCS can be, general benefits of PCS, and its effect on CapEx/OpEx.
October Cloud-Native: The Gate to Transforming the Platform Cloud Solutions Jumana Bayoumy,
Reem Mansour,
Omar El-Tawil,

Nayera Soliman
This article explains Native Hybrid Cloud (NHC) and introduces Platform as a Service (PaaS) along with its architecture and components and describes how such a model is effective in application development for many of the most powerful companies in the IT industry.
Security of IoT: Challenges,Concern, and Solutions Open Rakshith R This article explores security challenges, security concerns, and privacy considerations that arise with Internet of Things technology, and what can and should be done to protect from being attacked by hackers.
Preliminaries Of Data Science Big Data Vinay Kothamasi
Manager 1,
SE Analyst,
Dell EMC

Aroun Kesavaraj

Senior SE Analyst
This article discusses fundamentals of data science including methods to formalize the data science process, probability and statistics, data cleansing and manipulation, and data visualization and hypothesis testing. A sample case study concludes the article.
November Exploratory Data Analysis – Playing with the Data Big Data

Shreegowri M B
SE Analyst
Dell EMC

This article examines exploratory data analysis (EDA) and how it is used in Big Data Analytics. Also discussed are methods for EDA and how those techniques are used to summarize the data to discover insights from the data sets.
Software-defined Hyperconvergence through DevOps Open Ravi Kumar SriramuluSenior Advisor,
SE Analyst
Dell EMC


Sriram Chandrasekar

Senior Advisor,
SE Analyst
Dell EMC 
This article describes how Dell EMC's Hyperconverged platform and DevOps' Continuous Delivery approach can help organizations deliver quality services to their customers in less time - enabling organizations more time to innovate and serve their customers better.
Using News Articles to Predict Stock Price Returns Big Data Ricardo Herrmann,
Luciano Tozato,
Rodrigo Togneri,
Wei Lin
This article outlines a proposal to predict the changes in stock market prices from both structured (stock price time series) and unstructured (news articles) data. Both soiurces of information combined are analyzed so that the combined approach can be compared to the purely quantitative approach and understand the relationship between news' inferred sentiments and the prices of stocks they refer to.
Artificial Intelligence To Redefine Business Open Raksha Nayak
Software Engineer
Dell EMC
This article describes how, by relying on Artificial intelligence, retailers can employ in-depth techniques to gain a deep understanding of consumers and their buying trends through sources such as social media, browsing habits and purchase history, can maximize customers’ spending , encourage customer loyalty and gain enormous values.
December Central Traffic Management Platform Big Data Priya Chandramohan
Software Principal Engineer
Dell EMC

Savitha Bijoy
Software Principal Engineer
Dell EMC


Shwetha Ravoor

Software Principal Engineer
Dell EMC
This article discusses various existing road traffic management solutions and an approach to create a smart Centralized Traffic Management Platform (CTMP) by combining existing and new technology.
IoT - Healer for the Homecare Health Services Open Ravikant Kannur
Sr. Advisor, SE Analyst
Dell EMC – Presales Solution Services
This article discusses the needs, benefits, and effective ways of implementing IoT technology by homecare services providers. Topics include major challenges faced by homecare service providers, how IoT is an inevitable business solution for them, IoT solutions offered by Dell Technologies, and case studies explaining IoT implementation in the homecare industry.
Managing Unity Arrays with New Generation Tools Core Tech (Avamar, NW, DD, DPA, SourceOne) Samuel Thomas


Vijayakumar Ravindran
This article deals with the utilization of PowerShell modules to manage Unity arrays and VSA using REST API. Unity VSA is used in the experiment to illustrate key research findings, with the ultimate goal of managing Unity arrays using PowerShell modules.
Image Analytics To Detect Green Vegetation Open Srinivasan Sivaramakrishnan
Data Scientist, Big Data Transformation
Dell EMC | Professional Services

Jose Cassio dos Santos,
Data Scientist

Diego Gallo
Data Scientist, Application and Big Data Transformation
Dell EMC Services


Wei Lin

Sr. Manager and Chief Data Scientist
Application and Big Data Transformation
Dell EMC Services
Image Analytics focuses on leveraging data science techniques to effectively detect changes between two images which are generally not possible with a naked eye. This article details how Image Analytics will help climate and environmental scientists carry out green land degradation warnings more effectively.
January Data Warehouse Modernization with Big Data Big Data Julio Pereira
Advisory Consultant
Dell EMC

Ricardo Sugawara

Advisory Consultant
Dell EMC


Juliano Carniel

Advisory Consultant
Dell EMC
Putting in place a datalake where source data will land and a sandbox to business users can minimize complexity and costs. This article draws attention to the concerns around Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) for data transformation software vendors to address and provide insight into the alternatives to ETL today.
Data Domain Cloud Tier For Modernized Data Center Core Tech (Avamar, NW, DD, DPA, SourceOne) Manasa M
Assoc. SE Analyst
Dell EMC



Assoc. SE Analyst
Dell EMC
This article explores the cloud migration process of moving an organization’s onsite business components to the cloud or from one cloud to another. The article offers a synopsis of Data Domain cloud tier features along with use cases, supported systems, replication methodologies, and Data Domain cloud tier policies that enable customers to pay less for cloud storage.
Counting Sheep in the Datacentre Big Data Faisal Choudry Cloud robotics focuses on robots using technologies within the cloud for access to computational, storage and communication resources. This article discusses in greater detail and by way of practical demonstration, how a robot can utilize cloud computing to process and execute tasks.
Analytics Driven Smart Community Framework Open Wei Lin
Chief Data Scientist
Application and Big Data/IoT Transformation
Dell EMC Services

Josh Siegel
Application and Big Data/IoT Transformation
Dell EMC Global Services

William Schmarzo

Dell EMC Big Data Consulting


Albert Turano

Application and Big Data/IoT Transformation
Dell EMC Global Services
This article discusses a minimum viable IoT analytics framework to establish a proof of value (POV) laboratory. A transportation scenario is presented to showcase the implications of IoT and discuss a work-in-progress demonstration and its setup to be deployed in a POV lab.
February Journey From Docker To Kubernetes Open Eshwar Chandra This article focuses on container technology and how it's emerging as an important part of the cloud computing infrastructure. It looks at Docker, an open source project that automates the faster deployment of Linux applications, and Kubernetes, an open source cluster manager for Docker containers.
NetWorker integration a world of surprises Core Tech (Avamar, NW, DD, DPA, SourceOne) Mohamed Sohail
Solutions Architect
Dell EMC

Bobby Cogan
NetWorker Support - Subject Matter Expert
Dell EMC - Cork, Ireland


Shareef Bassiouny
Senior Advisor - NetWorker support
Dell EMC
This article offers a roadmap toward NetWorker integration that is easy for customers and community experts to understand.
Movement Analytics: Concepts and Opportunities Big Data Paulo Salem
Data Scientist
Dell EMC

Anthony Dutra
NY/NJ Mid-Market Project Accountant
Dell EMC

Grayson Vanderlinde

Senior Consultant,
Dell EMC


Wei Lin
Sr. Manager and Chief Data Scientist
Dell EMC
The technology to measure and influence movement is already available, and yet our theoretical understanding is just beginning. This article will help the reader gain a better understanding of movement analytics and, in this way, be better positioned for further and deeper explorations.
Data Visualization – Thinking With Your Eyes Big Data Kavyashree H V
Software Senior Engineer
Dell EMC

Ramachandra Thejasvi

Software Principal Engineer
Dell EMC


Shwetabh Srijan

Associate Software Principal Engineer
Dell EMC
Data visualization is a general technique of using graphs/maps to display trends, patterns and exceptions in data to uncover the underlying information. This article discusses the significance of data visualization, different forms/techniques of visualizations, when to use what, and how to arrive at the choice.
March IT Infrastructure Endgame Open Ravi Kumar Sriramulu
Senior Advisor,
Sales Engineer Analyst
Dell EMC
This articles explores the charecteristics of an open infrastructure platform defined by software, which can take various forms and shapes at the click of a button, can scale rapidly to meet demands, supports various platforms, consumes less resources to manage/provision and is designed as a lights-out environment.
Customer Prospecting for a Biotech Company Big Data Tony Ku
Advisory Consultant
Dell EMC

Fernanda Campello DeSouza
Senior Consultant
Dell EMC

Marie Breton
Senior Solutions Principal
Dell EMC


Wei Lin
Senior Manager,
Chief Data Scientist
Dell EMC
This article describes the development of an analytical framework for biotech customer identification and prospecting that makes use of publicly available information.
Cloud drive Cloud Open Suhas BK
Software Engineer Dell EMC

Sudeep Mathew

Director, Software Engineering
Dell EMC


Krishna Gudipudi
Software Senior Principal Engineer Dell EMC
Normally a Storage Array constitutes of 3 Drive types – Flash, SAS, NL-SAS. This paper describe how a new tier (Cloud) can be provided to already constructed storage pools by adding a new drive which helps to tier the coldest data to Cloud. On Unity VSA it can be achieved with the help of LX Fusion Driver.
R-Tree & Its Variants In Spatial Analysis Big Data Raksha Nayak
Software Engineer
Dell EMC
R-Tree (Rectangle-tree) has undergone numerous experiments and modifications over the years to make it more efficient, resulting in a number of variants such as R* tree, R+ tree, and Priority & Hilbert R-Tree. This article provides detailed Rectangle-tree (R-Tree) and variants’ data structures, their efficiency study and in depth understanding of how they can be applied to the real world.
April Spintronic Memories: A Revolution To Data Storage Open Duniya Dechamma K N
Sales Engineer Analyst
Dell EMC
This article provides insight to how Spin Transistors can be used to create Magnetoresistive Random-Access Memory (MRAM) which will be Non-Volatile. The article highlights how chips built out of spin transistors would be faster and more powerful than traditional transistors.
The Internet of Things and Us | How to Sustain our Domain Open Paul Brant
Senior Education Consultant
Dell EMC


Josh Lavnder
This article discusses the technologies, infrastructure requirements, processes and approaches in making the world a better and safer place. It describes how the world will benefit from combining security, trust and communication going beyond IoT to enable sustainable growth and longevity.
Demystifying Software Defined Datacentre Cloud Open/Open Anuj Sharma
Advisor Solutions Architecture
Dell EMC
This article discusses a recommended approach to transforming and building a software-defined data center (SDDC), focusing on the analysis and thought process required when choosing SDDC components. Best practices for various layers and topology of SDDC are also included.


The 2016 Knowledge Sharing Winners accept their awards at the ceremony.

L-R Joe Milardo, Sr. Director, EMC Education Services; Joshua Siegel, Wei Lin, Brian Dehn, Mikhail Gloukhovtsev, Terence Johny, Bill Schmarzo. Anthony Dutra, William Lupo, Jennifer St. Hill, Vice President. EMC Education Services.

Title Author(s) Thumbnail Summary
2016 Competition First Place Winner
Bringing the Cloud to the Edge
Terence Johny
Solutions Architect  
This article examines the existing Cloud Computing landscape and contemplates its place in the “Things to Come” era of computing. The idea of extending the cloud and bringing it to the edge of the compute endpoints – something that is now being called “The Fog” – is introduced and discussed in-depth.
2016 Competition Second Place Winner
How Technology is Changing Finance
Anthony Dutra and
Bill Delmont Lupo
This article explores the diverse tech opportunities within finance, and offers insight to how today’s emerging tools will evolve the long-standing relationship of finance and technology.
2016 Competition Third Place Winner
Object Storage Chargeback
Brian Dehn
Principal Systems Engineer  
This article provides an overview of object storage, differentiates it from more traditional types of storage, introduces EMC Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS), and explains how ViPR SRM can be used to meet reporting requirements through built-in reports and powerful customization features.
2016 Competition Best of Big Data
Cardholder Attrition Analysis and Treatments Framework
Wei Lin
Sr  Manager, 
Chief Data Scientist and
Principal Consultant

Joshua Siegel


William D. Schmarzo

Principal Solutions Architect
This article explores how to use a Big Data approach to perform Individualized Cardholder Attrition Analysis to maximize profit by Churn Reduction. The article focuses on Issuer Processors who process transactions for Issuing Banks.
2016 Competition Best Migration
Cloud Migration and Inter-cloud Mobility Aspects
Mikhail Gloukhovtsev  
Sr. Cloud Solutions Architect
Orange Business Services
This article considers challenges and solutions associated with cloud migrations, focusing on the technology and methodology of the application and related data migration solutions from the practitioner’s point of view.

2016 Articles Selected for Publishing

Title Category Author(s) Thumbnail Summary
July Plan a Path to Your Dream Job Other Sharon March
PMP Manager,
Cisco Technical Team,
Avnet Technology Solutions
This article discusses how to look at your certification options, what to look for to meet your needs, and how to not only get started, but reach your goal.
A Journey to a Self-healing IoT-enabled Data Center Cloud Mohamed Sohail,
Data Protection and Availability Specialist,

Sameh Gad,
Senior Consultant,

Yosef Boray

PhD student,
Menofya University


Said Tabet
IoT and Financial Services Technologist,
This article addresses the concept of self-healing data centers, capable of autonomously detecting potential failures before they occur and to adjust its configuration to achieve optimal function at all times.
Video Content Streaming from Webtop Document Management Alvaro de Andres
Documentum Technical Consultant,
Atos Spain
This article discusses a solution that allows any H.264/MPEG-4 (.mp4 file) to be streamed from Documentum Content Server to Webtop and played by the MediaElments.js video player, which supports HTML5 playback.
Continuous Application Protection Data Protection Shreyas Bhagavath Devasya
Systems Engineer Analyst,


Shivasharan NarayanaGowda
Software Engineer Developer
This article explore continuous crash-consistent copies, and application consistent copies and discusses how Continuous Application Protection would achieve zero-RTO.
Emerging Trends in Storage - Evaluating Future Directions Storage Antony Jesa
BI and Analytics Operations,


Vijayakumar Ravindran
Cloud Infrastructure Admin,
This article presents a comprehensive analysis of the latest developments happening in the field of magnetic storage as well as flash and SSDs and how we may have to arrive at a judicious mix of these technologies in order to deliver the best value proposition to the business.
August B2B – Social Media Analytic and Life Cycle Management Big Data and Analytics Shoukathali Chandrakandi
Senior Software Engineer

Ajith Gopinath
Senior Software Engineer

Soorya MG
Senior Software Engineer

Mubeer Badayil
Senior Software Engineer
This article discusses a framework of tools and resources to listen to relevant online social media activity and then perform intelligent analytics on the collected data to convert the insights into actionable product and process strategies.
“Storage as a Service” - the First Steps Cloud Geoff Clarke
Senior Storage Specialist
ASB Bank Limited
This article demonstrates how to set up a simple “Storage as a Service” capability using Automation and Orchestration plus basic storage provisioning scripts.
Improve Data Protection (Backup) Success Rate Data Protection Mahendranag Jayanthi
Systems Architect
Tech Mahindra
This article explores how the backup administrator's intuition to automate will reduce effort and improve backup success rate.
Fostering Innovation through Systemic Diversity Other David Silva
Release Manager

Matthew Wilson
Sr. Business Systems Analyst

Archana Kamath
Application Manager

Manasa Udupi

Associate IT Generalist
This article focuses on why diversity is important in innovation, how diversity can speed innovation, and how the Diversity Engine and Team Building Algorithm can be used as a method of crowdsourcing innovation within a company.
September Computer Science Helps Shield Earth From Asteroids Big Data and Analytics Bruce Yellin
Data Center Architect
This article covers the aspects of computer science fundamental to astronomy, allowing the reader insight into the leading edge approaches to asteroid detection and the actions that could one day lead to the survival of civilization itself.
Web Services Using OpenStack Other George Philip C
Associate Professor
Department of Information Science & Engineering
M S Ramaiah Institute of Technology, Bangalore

Manish Kumar
Final Year BE Student
Department of Information Science & Engineering
M S Ramaiah Institute of Technology,

Pranab Kumar
Final Year BE Student
Department of Information Science & Engineering
M S Ramaiah Institute of Technology,

Patan Amanullah Khan,
Final Year BE Student
Department of Information Science & Engineering
M S Ramaiah Institute of Technology,
This article focuses on setting up a cloud infrastructure (IaaS, PaaS), providing services over the cloud and optimizing storage space, implementing best Security and Network protocols to provide secure and efficient access to the cloud, development of a Web Application to access Swift Object Storage Server, and development of Load Balancer to manage network traffic.
Invisible Robots Other Azhagarasu A
Systems Engineer Analyst
This article provides insight to how software is changing the world, the type of infrastructure that is needed for such intellegent sotware-driven services, and what the future may look like.
Isilon Tunning – L3 Cache Reducing Latencies Storage Vinicius Viteri
Storage Specialist


Luiz Pissinatti
Account Manager
This article discusses the steps, concerns, activities, and especially the benefits achieved by using SSDs as L3 Cache for metadata acceleration.
October Machine Learning Working Towards a Better Future Other Ataulla Fareed Pasha
System Engineer Analyst
Dell EMC
This article explores some Machine Learning techniques and how these techniques are used practically.
Case Study: Data Center Refresh Project Cloud Jason Gates
Data Center Architect


Randall Borge
Senior Network Architect
This article presents a case study that focuses on design considerations for a data center refresh project such as advanced concepts, load balancers, iSCSI, virtual port channels, and more.
Documentum Installation Automation using Chef Document Management Sushant Sonker, Gonzalo Hernandez Casaseca, and
Jason Sanghi
This article provides detailed insight to how the Documentum Content Server(D7), Webpublisher, D2, Integrated Delivery Services (IDS) Target, xPlore, etc. can be installed using Chef recipes.
Improving Customer Prospecting in Wealth Management Other John Vide
Engagement Lead,
Big Data
Dell EMC

Wei Lin
Sr. Manager & Chief Data Scientist - Big Data
Dell EMC

Fernanda Campello de Souza

Sr. Data Scientist
Dell EMC

Martin Costa
Advisory Consultant
Dell EMC

Mauro Damo

Sr. Data Scientist
Dell EMC
This article proposes a model that can be utilized by wealth management firms and senior advisors prospecting for more lucrative clients as well as for junior advisors looking to grow their book of business through more clients.
November High Availbility as a Service Cloud Mohamed Sohail
Data Protection and Availability Specialist
Dell EMC

Emanuela Caramagna
System Engineer
Pure Storage

Sameh Gad
Senior Consultant
Dell EMC
This article focuses on EMC High Availability stack in virtualized environments, pointing out the basic concepts of VMware high availability model and how that can be applied to provide strict service level agreements on applications availability.
The Art of Digital Jujutsu Other Mohammed Hashim
Practice Manager
Cognizant Technology Solutions
This article discusses the crucial role of Digital artisans, Data democratization, various drivers and barriers, business impact of digitization, and the future of digital transformation is explored.
Vblock Sizing Converged Infrastructure Poorna Chandra Prashanth C
Senior Systems Engineer Analyst
Dell EMC
This article provides a high-level overview of the basic steps in sizing the infrastructure, and best practices for all layers in Vblock.
Welcome to NoSQL Big Data and Analytics Ahmed Abdel-Aziz
This article provides a summary of research into the four main categories of NoSQL databases and when to use each type, the relationship between Hadoop and NoSQL technologies, and Big Data Analytic platform support for NoSQL.
Reporting Next Level - Easy Reports with xCP Infrastructure Management Doina Derevciuc


Serghei Derevciuc
This article is aimed at those who are using xCP to build systems or have systems based on xCP and want to transform and ease the Report Design process.
December AMI Treatment Cost & Predictive Mortality Analysis Big Data and Analytics Shilang (Victor) Wang
Advisory Consultant
Dell EMC


Steve Steklenski
Principal Data Scientist
HCL America Inc.
This article takes a close look at the key factors affecting in-patient mortality and compares treatment cost on the basis of risk standardization and regional cost variation.
Improving Read Rates from Captiva Extraction Other James Kave
Sr. Architect
Dell EMC
This article discusses methods for improving read percentage and thereby reduce the manual effort (People Hours) to data complete the forms in Captiva Completion.
Availability and Network Capacity Infrastructure Management Jeffery Jimes
Advisory Consultant
Dell EMC

Ricardo Herrmann

Advisory Consultant,
Data Scientist
Dell EMC

Wei Lin
Sr. Manager and
Chief Data Scientist – Big Data
Dell EMC

Kiranmai Sarabu
Senior Forensic Technology Associate
PricewaterhouseCoopers LLC
This article proposes a methodology to identify available sections in a network that present cost saving opportunities for telecommunications carriers in a way that is not overwhelmed by choices that may not be the lowest cost option.
Telecom Data Monetization via Big Data Analytics Big Data and Analytics Mona Fahmy
Business Systems Analyst,
Enterprise Analytics - Global IT
Dell EMC

Mohamed Alaa
Senior IT Business Partner,
Global IT
Dell EMC

Nashwa AbolFettouh
Senior IT Business Partner,
Global IT
Dell EMC
This article emphasizes how descriptive and predictive big data analytics can drive the competitiveness of Telecom operators and present more monetization opportunities and new revenue streams from capitalizing on their data.
Future of Enterprise Mobility with SPDY & Multipath TCP Infrastructure Management Ashish Bijawat
Principal Architect
Dell Technologies


Barun Pandey
Principal Architect
Dell Technologies
This article explains SPDY and Multipath TCP protocol followed by a case of how it can fit with existing Enterprise Mobility infrastructure (MDM/MAM) to provide a future- proof solution for different Enterprise Mobility solutions.
January Data Lake White Board Pitch Big Data and Analytics Evan Shelley
The whiteboard presented in this Knowledge Sharing video submission provides a different way to present the idea of a Data Lake to a customer.
Storage Sizing for SAP HANA TDI on VMAX3 Infrastructure Management Sriram Chandrasekar
Advisory Systems Engineer Analyst
This article provides a high level understanding of the HANA components and helps pre-sales system engineers who do not have prior knowledge on SAP HANA to arrive at a baseline solution with relatively fewer steps.
Set-Top Box Analytics Big Data and Analytics Srinivasan Sivaramakrishnan
Dell EMC

Amarendra Tummala
Dell EMC

Luciano Tozato
Dell EMC


Wei Lin
Dell EMC
This article provides a methodology for various analytics models that can be used in analyzing a set-top box’s second-by-second clicking behavior from millions of households and help TV Broadcasters change their business models from broad audiences to individual/localized content consumers.
New Way of Planning - Graphical Test Planning Other Jitesh Anand
Dell EMC
As Agile methodology and QA becomes embedded into teams, testing time is being reduced. This article proposes a solution – Graphical Test Planning – as a way of creating a test plan without writing the entire documents.
February Method for Throttling Backup Agent’s Save Process Data Protection Sathyamoorthy Viswanathan
Staff Engineer

Ajith Gopinath
Senior Software Quality Engineer
Dell EMC


Gurrraj Kulkarni
Consultant Software Quality Engineer
Dell EMC
This article focuses on how to efficiently back up data using the backup application and also enhance server resource efficiency and network bandwidth utilization.
Data Analytics for Cancer Survival and Treatment Big Data and Analytics Sara He
Associate Consultant
Dell EMC

Diego Gallo
Data Scientist – Big Data
Dell EMC

William Schneider
Data Scientist
Dell EMC


Wei Lin
Chief Data Scientist – Big Data
Dell EMC
This article discusses the methodology and analysis of genetic information for a specific use case sample of patients suffering from Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia, a slow progressing blood cancer.
Storage Path Optimization for Internet of Things Infrastructure Management Mohamed Sohail
Data Protection and Availability Expert
Dell EMC


Mohamed Esam
Solutions Architect
Dell EMC
This article discusses ways to address the challenges that IoT bottlenecks present through lab exercises and real world scenarios that aim to reduce dependence on the Internet to upload data generated by IoT devices, which minimizes upload delay.
What Big Data Can Do For An Entire Nation Big Data and Analytics Robson Serafin
Technical Support Engineer III
Dell EMC
This article describes the main information streams administration members face on daily routines and directs them on how Big Data can be used to help the administration.
March Automate Your Path to the Cloud with vCO Cloud Sudeerpavan Kumar
Delivery Specialist
Dell EMC | Professional Services – India COE
This article discusses how customers can automate their complex workload environment by vCenter Orchestrator workflows, saving time, cost, and resources without compromising performance or service quality while gaining better visibility into resource utilization.
Take Back Control of Your Oracle Database Backups Data Protection Chris Mavromatis
SME, Data Protection & Availability Solutions
Dell EMC | Technical Support Services
This article describes how with the use of EMC Database App Agent, Oracle DBA’s can easily and efficiently control their database backups, and store it onto a Data Domain array.
Path to Cloud Migration Cloud Chethan Nagaraj
Dell EMC
This article explains the motivating factor for cloud migrations, possible benefits, risks involved in cloud migrations, cloud security, identifying and determining if an application is a candidate for cloud migration, and guidelines for selecting the right cloud provider.
April Target Compound Identification Other William Sheerin,
Wei Lin,
Ronaldo Braga,
and Shriya Chintada
This article discusses present work underway to develop a framework that will identify drug compounds that have a greater go-to-market potential.
OneFS Unified Security Model Storage Steffen Thuemmel
Advisory Systems Engineer
Dell EMC
This article is broken down into a four-part series which explain AIMA (Authentication, Authorisation, and Identity Management), with the focus on practical usage.
The Vblock, the IoT Gateway and the Sensors Converged Infrastructure Sherif Mohsen
Services Proposal Consultant
Dell EMC
This article examines the potential of providing IT capabilities, not only in the datacenter via Vblocks, but also extending this to include sensor devices and IoT Gateways.
A Deep Learning Odyssey: How AI Can Help the World Other Paul Brant
Senior Tech. Ed. Consultant
Dell EMC | Education Services
This article explains and discusses the importance of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data and how they are changing the world.
DatArt Big Data and Analytics Rene Vogt-Lowell
Senior Technical Education Consultant
Dell EMC
This article examines how the create-consume balance empowers more individuals to be co-creators of our world and how data visualization platforms will continue to flourish, evolve, and beget new platforms.


The 2015 Knowledge Sharing Winners accept their awards at the ceremony.

L-R: David Reiner accepting for Sumit Nigam, Christopher Kusek, Rene Vogt-Lowell, Paul Brant, Vasily Pantyukhin, Bruce Yellin, Mohammed Hashim.

Title Category Author(s)

2015 Competition First Place Winner
How Computer Science Helps Feed the World

Big Data and Analytics Bruce Yellin & Stephen Yellin

2015 Competition Second Place Winner
A Day in the Life of an Application Developer

Application Development Rene Vogt-Lowell & Paul Brant

2015 Competition Third Place Winner
Software-defined Planet with Internet of Things

Internet of Things Sumit Nigam

2015 Competition Best of Architecture
Principles of Design Diagramming

ViPR, Design Diagramming Vasily Pantyukhin

2015 Competition Best of IT Transformation
Ten Ways To Reduce Cost While Modernizing Your IT

Infrastructure Management Christopher Kusek

2015 Competition Best of Internet of Things
Demystifying Code Halos Through the Lens of IoT

Big Data and Analytics Mohammed Hashim

2015 Knowledge Sharing Publishing Schedule
July 2015 Protecting IT with NetWorker Backup Recovery Aaron Kleinsmith
ITaaS – Using EHC and VCE to Build your Data Center Cloud Sherif Mohsen and Fadi Elhamy
A Journey into Data Science: Earning the White Coat Big Data and Analytics Anthony Dutra
Project Management: Leadership and Communications Other - Project Management Mark Herzog
The Qualities of an EMC Proven Professional Other - Professional Development Charles Weeks
August 2015 Asking the Hard Questions: Reporting in ViPR SRM Infrastructure Management Daniel Stafford
Triple The Bacon’s Data Center of the Future Other - Vblock Systems Craig Kensey
Software-defined Storage: What can it do for you? Virtualization Mikhail Gloukhovtsev
Challenges and Best Practices in KBA Schemes Security Prasoon Dwivedi and Geoffrey Thomas
Big Data & Internet Of Things Big Data and Analytics Roudaina Mawy,
Ahmed Fahmy, and Hussam Refaat
September 2015 A Language Translation Service for Documentum Document Management Scott Roth
Real-Time Push Notifications using Hybrid Cloud Cloud Aneesh Pulukkul
Unstructured Data – Growth and Challenge Other - Storage Shankar Rathinasamy
Big Data: Terms, Definitions and Applications Big Data and Analytics Anuj Mediratta
VMAX – Performance Boons – ‘The FAST BEA(S)T’ Other - Symmetrix VMAX Siva Shankari Chandrasekraan
Efficient Avamar backups over WAN and sizing Links Backup Recovery Balaji Panchanathan, Jayalakshmi Suresh, and Pravin AshokKumar
October 2015 Online Migration – Cost Benefits to EMC & Clients Data Migration Diwakar Kumar and Jerry Ryan
Companies Compatible with 3rd Platform Big Data and Analytics Mohamed Gombolaty
Avamar Solutions for Virtualized Infrastructure Backup Recovery Balaji Panchanathan, Satchidananda Patra, and Pravin AshokKumar
VNX Integrations for Optimal Performance Other - Storage Omar Aboulfotoh, Mohammed Hashem, Wessam Seleem, and Maha Atef
7 Steps to Quantify a Converged Solution Opportunity Other - Converged Solutions Pre-Sales activity Sharon March
November 2015 Third Platform and e-Learning Ecosystem Other - Third Platform Haitham El-Ghareeb
VADP and VMware Backup Appliance (VBA) Gap Analysis Virtualization Mahipat Kulkarni and Preeti Sharma
Storage Refresh: Commercial Gain Or Cost Drain Data Migration Russell Easter
VDI in BYOD – Boon or Bane? Virtualization & Security Vinayak Sivanand
DPaaS-Factors to Determine Right Architecture Backup Recovery Balaji Panchanathan, Pravin Kumar, and Satchidananda Patra
IoT Data Flood: Is Your Data Center Ready? Big Data and Analytics Denis Canty
December 2015 How to Boost SQL Server Backups with Data Domain Backup Recovery David Muegge
LUSTRE HPC FileSystem Deployment Method Other - High Performance Computing Upanshu Singhal and Tarun Mathur
Analytical Case Study of Casino and Resort Big Data and Analytics Wei Lin, Bill Schmarzo, and Pedro Desouza
Generating Value from Big Data Big Data and Analytics Babu Analakkat
Avamar EM to Backup Recovery Manager Transition Backup Recovery Vrinda Gopakumar, Mahantesh Ambaljeri, and Prasad Raghuprasad
January 2016 Big Data Analytics for Cyber Security Big Data and Analytics Bharath Krishnappa
Security Patching for Linux Based Appliances Security Aditya Lad
Smart Wearable Glasses – Future Data Center Management Infrastructure Management Gnanasoundari Soundarajan and Radhakrishna Vijayan
IoT - Security & Privacy Perspective Security Parameswaran Thangavel
RecoverPoint Inside VMware Environments Backup Recovery Mohamed Gombolaty
February 2016 Big Data Processing Beyond Hadoop and MapReduce Big Data and Analytics Ravi Sharda
Backup consistency - a game of challenges Backup Recovery Mohamed Sohail, Emanuela Caramagna, Sameh Gad, and Denis Canty
Classification of Java Performance Tuning Methods Other - Application performance tuning techniques Manzar Chaudhary, Narendra Sharma, and Mudit Verma
EMC for Cinder and Swift Cloud Azhagarasu A
Data Migration Dashboard – Reporting & Cost Analysis Data Migration Diwakar Kumar and Jerry Ryan
March 2016 Co$t effective cloud application architectures Cloud Sumit Nigam
Key Practices for A Healthy NAS on Cloud Infrastructure Management Sujith Kumar and Krishna Prasad
EBR Appliance – Restore from clone Backup Recovery Alessio Casagrande
SSL/TLS Security and Troubleshooting Security Aditya Lad and Prasoon Dwivedi
Real Time Analysis for Aircraft using EMC Labs Other - Merging Current Infrastructure to Process Exascale Data using Virtual Layer Youseff Essa, Ayman Elsayed, Sayed ElDawy, and Gamal Mahrouce
A Digital Strategy for Leveraging ECM in Public Transit Other - ECM, cloud and digital strategy Derrick Lau
April 2016 Enterprise Reliability Test for Backup Application Backup Recovery Yogesh Suresh, Gururaj Kulkarni, and Ravikumar Madhappan
VMware Virtual SAN integration with EMC AppSync Infrastructure Management Akash Patel
Deploying x86 and SAPA HANA Environments on VBLOCK Cloud Anuj Sharma and Sajid Iqubal
Mobile Application Security with Open-Source Tools Security Sakthivel Rajendran
Data Protection Technologies for Microsoft Private Cloud Backup Recovery Anupam Chakraborty, Sunil Yadav, Soumen Acharya, and Tushar Dethe


The 2014 Knowledge Sharing Winners accept their awards at the ceremony.

L-R: Tom Clancy, Vice President, EMC Education Services, Kalman accepting for Justin Beardsman, Daniel Stafford, Mohammad Hashim, Sumit Nigam, Bharath Krishnappa, Ravi Sharda, Alok Shrivistava, Sr. director, EMC Education Services.

May 2014 Title Category Author
2014 Competition First Place Winner!
VDI and The Fast Access to Patient Data Challenge
Business Process Justin Beardsmore
2014 Competition Second Place Winner! Anatomy of Business Impact Management using SMAC Business Process Mohammed Hashim
2014 Competition Third Place Winner!
Service-Oriented Storage Tiering: A 2014 Approach to a 2004 Problem
Storage Daniel Stafford
2014 Competition Best of Big Data Winner!
Implications of CAP Theorem on NoSQL Databases
Big Data/Predictive Analytics Ravi Sharda and Bharath Krishnappa
2014 Competition Best of Troubleshooting!
Troubleshooting Java on Linux
Infrastructure Management Sumit Nigam
2014 Competition Elite Article!
The IT Avengers – Driving Service Solutions to the Third Platform
Relevant Industry Topics Paul Brant
2014 Competition Elite Article!
A Whole New Ballgame: Leveraging Big Data in Baseball
Big Data/Predictive Analytics Bruce Yellin

2014 Knowledge Sharing Publishing Schedule
July 2014 Storage Security Design - A Method to Help Embrace Cloud Computing Relevant Industry Topics Brian Dehn
Backup optimization “DD Boost” - NetWorker inside Backup Recovery/ Archive Shareef Bassiouny, Mohamed Sohail, and Giovanni Gobbo
Embedded QA in Scrum Relevant Industry Topics Jitesh Anand, Chaithra Thimmappa, Vishwanath Channaveerappa, Varun AdemaneMutug uppe, and Neil O’Toole
Cloud-Optimized REST API Automation Framework Cloud Shoukathali C K, Shelesh Chopra, and Gururaj Kulkarni
NetWorker 8.1 Enterprise Backup Protection for Virtualized Data Center Backup Recovery/ Archive Gururaj Kulkarni, Anupam Sharma, and Naveen Rao
Predictive and Self-healing Data Center Management Big Data/Predictive Analytics Gnanasoundari Soundarajan, Vijay Gadwal, and Radhakrishna Vijayan
August 2014 Secured Cloud Computing Security Gnanendra Reddy
Avamar Integration with VMware Backup Recovery/ Archive Nadine Francis
2014: An SDS Odyssey Storage Jody Goncalves, Rodrigo Alves, and Raphael Soeiro
Data Domain-Optimized Backup using Networker 8.1 Backup Recovery/ Archive Gururaj Kulkarni and Soumya Gupta
Envisioning Precise Risk Models Through Big Data Analytics Big Data/Predictive Analytics Pranali Humne
Automation of VPLEX Replication Using REST API Storage Vijay Gadwal and Terence Johmy
September 2014 Disk Usage and Trend Analysis of Multiple Symmetrix Arrays Configured with FAST/VP Storage Mumshad Mannambeth and Nasia Ullas
A Journey to Power Intelligent IT Relevant Industry Topics Mohamed Sohail, Omar Aboulfotoh, and Denis Canty
Finding Similar Documents in Documentum Without Using a Full Text Index Document Management M. Scott Roth
Data Structures of Big Data: How They Scale Big Data/Predictive Analytics Dibyendu Bhattacharya and Manidipa Mitra
Managing Data Protection for a Better Night’s Sleep Backup Recovery/ Archive Gareth Eagar
NetWorker 8.1: The Next Big Thing Backup Recovery/ Archive Anuj Sharma
October 2014 An Approach Toward Security Learning Security Aditya Lad
Simplified Storage Optimization Techniques Storage Janarthanan Palanichamy and Akilesh Nagarajan
Eliminating Level 1 Human Support from IT Management Infrastructure Management Amit Athawale and Venkata Jonnavithula
Installing EMC Control Center on a Windows 2008 Cluster Infrastructure Management Kevin Atkin
Configure NetWorker NDMA Backup for Oracle RAC using Oracle SCAN Backup Recovery/ Archive (Arthur) Zhuang- Song Jiang
Big Data Analytics Modelled Customer Feedback Portal Big Data/Predictive Analytics Shoukathali Chandrakandi, Shelesh Chopra, and Gururaj Kulkarni
November 2014 What is the Power of RecoverPoint? Backup Recovery/ Archive Roy Mikes
Incorporating Storage with an Open Source Cloud Platform Cloud Ganpat Agarwal
Deciphering the Virtual Data Center Big Data/Predictive Analytics Andrew Bartley and Rich Elkins
Illustration of Virtual Provisioning on Symmetrix Storage Joanna Liu
Design and Architecture of Oracle RAC/ASM Clustered Solution Storage Armando Rodriguez
Keep the needed. Archive the rest! Backup Recovery/ Archive Kobi Shamama
December 2014 NAS Storage Optimization Using Cloud Tiering Appliance Cloud Brijesh Das Mangadan Kamnat
Impact of Cloud Computing on IT Governance Cloud Declan McGrath
Intelligent QoS for EMC Storage by Leveraging Big Data Analytics Big Data/Predictive Analytics Yangbo Jiang
How Analytics Can Help Backup Administrators Backup Recovery/ Archive Balaji Panchanathan
DD Boost Implementation with NetWorker Backup Recovery/ Archive Crescenzo Oliviero
Does Big Data Mean Big Storage? Big Data/Predictive Analytics Mikhail Gloukhovtsev
January 2015 Health Check and Capacity Reporting for Heterogeneous SAN Environments Relevant Industry Topics Mumshad Mannambeth and Sampath Salem
Detailed Application Migration Process Relevant Industry Topics Randeep Singh and Dr. Narendra Singh Bhati
How Implementing VNX File System Features Can Save Your Life Storage Piotr Bizior
Protecting Your Data Lake: Strategic Or Business As Usual? Backup Recovery/ Archive Russell Easter
The IT Department Becomes a Data Broker Big Data/Predictive Analytics Nick Bakker and Paul Wu
How He and She Use CMC Big Data/Predictive Analytics A. B. Nicole Parfinovics
February 2015 Securely Enabling Mobility & BYOD in Organizations Security Sakthivel Rajendran
Understanding How I/O Workload Profiles Relate to Performance Relevant Industry Topics Stan Lanning
How I Survived Escalations Storage Mumshad Mannambeth and Nasia Ullas
Cloud-Based Dashboard Provides Analytics to Service Providers Document Management Shalini Sharma and Priyali Patra
Overcoming Challenges in Migrating to a Converged Infrastructure Solution Storage Suhas D. Joshi
Enabling Symmetrix for FAST with FTS for 3rd Party Storage Storage Gaurav Roy
March 2015 A New Era for Virtualization team and Storage team Collaboration Cloud Moshe Karabelnik
Storage Performance from the Practical Lens Storage Anil C. Sedha and Tommy Trogden
Smart Talent Acquisition Business Process Trupti Kalakari
TCE @ iCOE GPS Business Process Pradeep Mathew, Ranajoy Dutta, Jayasurya Tadiparthi, Gayathri Shenoy, and Athul Jayakumar
Patterns of Multi-Tenant SaaS Applications Cloud Ravi Sharda, Rajesh Pillai, Srinivasa Gururao, and Manzar Chaudhary
Conceptual Data Mining Framework for Mortgage Default Propensity Big Data/Predictive Analytics Wei Lin and Pedro Desouza
April 2015 NetWorker Delegation Model for ROBO Environment Backup Recovery/ Archive Puneet Goyal
Connecting the Scattered Pieces for Storage Reporting Storage Hok Pui Chan
New Opportunities @ the Crossroads of M2M & Big Data Big Data/Predictive Analytics Prakash Hiremath
Rethinking Storage for Virtualized Infrastructures Cloud Alexey Polkovnikov
SystemTap for Linux Platforms Relevant Industry Topics Mohamed Sohail, Shareef Bassiouny, and Khaled Ahmed
Storage Security Design - A Method to Help Embrace Cloud Computing Security Ahmed Abdel- Aziz


The 2013 Knowledge Sharing Winners accept their awards.

L-R: Tom Clancy, Vice President EMC Education Services, Dibyendu Bhattachary, Manidipa Mitra, Moshe Karabelnik, Shareef Bassiouny, Anand Subramanian, Aditya Lad, Paul Brant, Bruce Yellin, Alok Shrivistava, Sr. Director, EMC Education Services.

Months Title Category Author
May Security hardening of a Linux-based appliance Security Aditya Lad and Anand Subramanian
NetWorker integration for optimal performance NetWorker Mohamed Sohail and Shareef Bassiouny
Analytics on Big FAST Data using a Real Time Stream Data Processing Architecture Predictive Analytics Dibyendu Bhattacharya and Manidipa Mitra
Building better Management Storage Reports for unified storage systems Storage Management Moshe Karabelnik
The Software-defined Data Center - The three Caballeros finally have their cloudy day Data Center Paul Brant
Leveraging Big Data to Battle Cyber Threats – A New Security Paradigm Big Data/Security Bruce Yellin

2013 Knowledge Sharing Publishing Schedule
July Optimizing Solutions for Atmos Atmos Krasimir Miloshev
The Personal Cloud Goes to the Dogs Cloud Chad DeMatteis
Understanding VMware Infrastructure needs: Save Money VMware Kobi Shamama
Rapid VPLEX Capacity Planner with XML/Perl/Sqlite VPLEX Mintulal Debnath and Salem Sampath
August Big Data Backup Considerations and Best Practices Backup Emanuela Caramagna
Agile Data Center Virtualization and Consolidation Data Center Suhas D. Joshi
A Bare-metal Perspective – The Mobile Hypervisor Mobile Amit Wadhwa
Effectively Managing Large IT Infrastructure Projects Project Management Glenn Dunnington
September Cloud Computing – Opportunities, Challenges, and Best Practices Cloud Lokesh Seramalanna
The Business Should Care About Digital E-waste Data Management Nick Bakker
Think Like an Entrepreneur: Recognizing Opportunities for IT Transformation Innovation Joseph A. Llano, Brian T. Brew, Kevin D. Feller, John P. Klinck
Preventing a VMAX VP Pool Full Condition Through Proper Monitoring and Configuration Symmetrix Eric Williams
October Demystifying Avamar Key Concepts and Features Avamar Arun Velumani and Anay Pathak
Does Cloud Storage Portend “Creation by Destruction” of Traditional Storage? Cloud Mikhail Gloukhovtsev
Transforming Storage Resource Management Storage Management Russell Easter
The Key to Successfully Sizing a VDI Project Virtualization Housna Hamadet
November Backup Appliance Deduplication Efficiencies and Capacity Planning Demystified Deduplication Peter Marelas
Backing Up SAP MaxDB/Lifecache Using NetWorker 8.0 NetWorker Michael Dick
Self-Assessment in your RecoverPoint Installation RecoverPoint Alexandre Zancope
Configuration and Implementation of EMC VNX Storage VNX Octavio Guerra
December LaaS: Enabling On-Demand Lab Services Cloud Andrew Bartley, Jochen De Smet, and Jonathan Hayden
Cyber Warfare-How to Fight the Electronic War Security Smitha Mave
Design, Build, and Management of Planned Big Data Environments Data Center Alan Senior
Storage Array Management with Mobile Apps Storage Management Vincenzo Orlando
January The Importance of Opportunity Recognition Within Innovation Innovation David J. Silva
Best of Vs and Troubleshooting Methodologies VPLEX, VMAX, VNX Anuj Sharma
Improved NetWorker JobsDB Performance with NetWorker 8.0 NetWorker Gururaj Kulkarni and Soumya Gupta
February Capacity: The Key Ingredient of an Agile Cloud Infrastructure Cloud Amrith Raj Radhakrishnan
Strengthening Evidence Through Smarter Infrastructure Design Data Center Jason E. Ventresco
NetWorker Gears Up for Cloud Transformation and Multi-Tenancy NetWorker Anuj Sharma
March What, Why, and How of Cloud Storage Gateway Cloud Balaji Panchanathan
Flash Gordon: Saving the Data Center Universe Flash Paul Brant
EMC Data Domain Efficiency Evaluation Data Domain Erico Silva
April Data Center Upgrade-The Backbone of the Business Data Center Puneet Goyal
NDMP Index processing Overhead: A Performance Case Study for NetWorker NetWorker Gururaj Kulkarni
Cloud-based Mobile Notification System Mobile George Philip C, Abhijeet Das, Abhilash Chandra, Bhavin Vadalia, and Bidusha Agarwal


The 2012 Knowledge Sharing Winners accept their awards at the ceremony.

L-R: Alok Shrivastava Sr. Director, EMC Education Services, Dibyendu Bhattacharya, John Bowling, Ghenadie Starsii, John Klinck, Joseph Llano, Kevin Feller, Brian Brew, Vasily Pantyukhin, Bruce Yellin, Tom Clancy, Vice President, EMC Education Services.

Month Title Category Author(s)
May 2012 Implementing Effective Transformation: The Human Factor Transformation Joseph Llano Kevin Feller John P. Klinck Brian T. Brew
Infrastructure Assessments Cookbook: Ingredients, Techniques, and Secret Sauces Infrastructure Vasily Pantyukhin
"V" to the Max VMax John Bowling
Introducing GRACE 2020 - A Cloud Computing Blueprint Cloud Bruce Yellin
Real Time Searching of Big Data Using Hadoop, Lucene, and Solr Big Data Dibyendu Bhattacharya
A New Approach to Sending Mail in Documentum Content Management Ghenadie Starsii

2012 Knowledge Sharing Publishing Schedule
July 2012 GREENPLUM: Data Protection and High Availability Greenplum Sumit Gupta Puneet Goyal
Rapid Performance Analysis Using SQLite Weight Methodology Data Analysis Salem Sampath Santhosh Peter
IOPS Requirements for EMC NetWorker NetWorker Gururaj Kulkarni Vladimir Mandic
August 2012 Big Data & Analytics MapReduce/Hadoop – A programmer’s perspective Hadoop Tushar Telichari
Combining Best-of-Breed Infrastructure Solutions To a Cloud Platform for Service Providers Cloud Timo Drews
Use of Metrics to Achieve Information Value Data Analysis Daniel Borba
September 2012 Backup Strategy definition & control Backup Emanuela Caramagna
A new method for Automated Pools Rebalancing Virtual Provisioning Krasimir Miloshev
Integrating VMware Site Recovery Manager with VNX MirrorView/A VMware Jason Gates
October 2012 Storage Service Levels – Chargeback and Capacity Planning In a FAST World Service Levels Brian Dehn
Atomizing Cloud Service Delivery with Analytics & Mobility Analytics Mohammed Hashim
November 2012 Big Data: The big challenge Isilon Puneet Goyal
Creating & Implementing Performance-Transparent Pools for FLARE-based arrays CLARiiON James Cordes
EMC NetWorker Script based backup NetWorker Upanshu Singhal
December 2012 Information Footprint and Challenges in 21st Century Sustainability Shruit Agrawal
Can RAID Technology Continue to Protect Our Data in the Year 2020? Cloud Bruce Yellin
Necessity of Information Governance and Cloud Information Governance Sonali Bhavsar
January 2013 xCP – Bridge to an Intelligent World! Documentum Mouli Ponnupandy
Physical To Virtual: A Reclamation Story Virtualization Aaron Baldie
February 2013 VNX – The Storage [R]evolution - A Comparative Approach with Other Storage Platforms VNX Siva Shankari Chandrasekaran
The Power of Cloud Computing Comes To Smart Phones Mobile Neeraj Bharwani
March 2013 Information Intelligence for Microsoft SharePoint Documentum Mercy Ponnupandy
Meeting Big Data Challenges with EMC ISILON Storage Systems Isilon Anuj Sharma
Enterprise D2D Backup Implementation Made Easy Data Domain Olumide Ademidun
April 2013 EMC Documentum and Microsoft SharePoint Connectors Comparison Documentum Pablo Pilon Felipe Schimith Batista
ROI and TCO- Two Winning Factors for Any Deal! ROI/TCO Randeep Singh
Virtualized Creativity Applied concepts on VMware & VNXe Storage VMware Ramiro Canovas


The 2011 Knowledge Sharing Winners accept their awards.

L-R: Bruce Yellin, Best of Cloud Winner; Luiz Pissinatti; Vasily Pantyukhin, Second Place Winner; Sonail Bhavsar.

2011 Knowledge Sharing Publishing Schedule
July NetWorker Data Migration—EDL to Physical Tape Backup and Recovery Gurpreet Dhillon
Optimizing IT Services using Cloud, Data Center, and Adherence to Compliance Standards Cloud Amrith Raj Radhakrishnan
Using SE Configchecker for Checking Software Compatible Pre-requisites for Symmetrix Symmetrix Parthasarathi Ilangovan
August SnapSure Space Management and Performance Celerra and CLARiiON Frank Zhao and
Kevin Xu
Using a Building Block Approach for Scaling Enterprise Storage Storage Mark Rogov
VPLEX: Interesting Use Cases Virtualization Sandeep Choudhary and
Puneet Goyal
September Synergistic Opportunity Between DiskXtender and PowerPath Archive Vinay Parthasarathy
Global Scale Documentum Implementation—Design Considerations Content Management Sameer Patil
Host integration with EMC Storage Arrays SAN Upanshu Singhal and
Shelesh Chopra
October Riding the Clouds—Best Practices in Data Center Transformation into the Next Century Cloud Paul Brant
Architectural Plans for Enabling a Dynamic Data Center for Today and in the Future Storage Puneet Goyal

Automating EMC Ionix ControlCenter Host Agent Deployment and Maintenance Process

Storage Management Mehmet Ozdemir
November A System Administrator’s Approach to Monitoring Avamar Backup and Recovery Kelly Mills
Celerra Disk Reconfiguration and Advanced Management Celerra and CLARiiON James Ingle
Information-in-Motion (IiM) Storage Lalit Mohan
December Why Cloud Computing? Cloud Bashanta Phukon
Fibre Channel over Ethernet for Beginners Storage Networking Bruce Yellin
January Integrating and Troubleshooting VMware with EMC CLARiiON: Deep Dive Celerra and CLARiiON Jason L. Gates
EMC SAN Copy Migration—A Complete Experience SAN Dinesh Pahari
February Convergenomics of FCoE Storage Networking Akshat Sawhney and
Sahil Gupta
Discovering VIO Relationships for EMC Arrays Virtualization Ewa Nowatkowska-Glowacz
March How to Start Your Disaster Recovery in this "Cloudy" Landscape Backup and Recovery Roy Mikes
Deadly Trio Integration Cloud Anuj Sharma
Storage Capacity Management: Simplicity Is Efficiency Storage Olumide Ademidun
April NetWorker Best Practices with Automation Backup and Recovery Ajit Kumar Rath
A Guide to Enterprise Content Management Content Management Mouli Ponnupandy
Entering Yottabyte Era using Enterprise Flash Drive Technology Storage Milan K Mithbaokar


The 2010 Knowledge Sharing Winners at the celebration.

L-R: Sejal Joshi, John Bowling, Ben Dingley, John Shubeck, Denis Guyadeen, Paul Brant, Rajaneesh Sasidharan, Mohammed Hashim, Ken Guest.

Month Title Category Author
May Above the Clouds - Best Practices in Creating a Sustainable Computing Infrastructure to Achieve Business Calue and Growth 1st place Paul Brant, EMC
Applying Composite Data Deduplication to Simplify Hybrid Clouds 2nd place Mohammed Hashim and Rejaneesh Sasidharan
SAN Performance - Getting the Most 'Bang' for the Buck 3rd Place John Bowling, Private Financial Institution
How to Trust the Cloud - "Be Careful up There" Best of Cloud Paul Brant and Denis Guyadeen, EMC
The Convergence Factor - When IT Service Silos Collide Best of Skills Ben Dingley, EMC
Growing Storage Area Network Consolidation and Migration: Is it for You? Best of Consolidation Sejal Joshi and Ken Guest, Large Telecom Company

2010 Knowledge Sharing Publishing Schedule
July A Practical Approach to Data Loss Prevention to Protect your Company’s Intellectual Assets Security Sonali Bhavsar, Paragon Solutions
Save Costs on Email Infrastructure: Obtain Value-Added Benefits of eMail Retention and Archiving Archive Satheesh MC, PMC-Sierra
The Illusion of Space and the Science of Data Compression and Deduplication Storage Bruce Yellin, EMC
Documentum Disaster Recovery Implementation Content Management Narsingarao Mirilaya, EMC
August Enhancing Throughput with Multi-Homed Feature in NetWorker Storage Mode Backup and Recovery Gururaj Kulkarni and Anand Subramanian, EMC
Building a Knowledge Management System with Documentum Content Management Kaiyin Hu, EMC and Hongfeng Sun, PATAC
How to Shrink a LUN or MetaLUN with CLARiiON CX4 CLARiiON Markus Langenberg, Fujitsu Technology Solutions
September Role of EMC Storage in the Media Industry Storage Preethi Vasudevan
EMC PowerSnap Implementation - Challenges & Examples Backup and Recovery Hrvoje Crvelin, Orchestra Service
Zero-Cost Single Sign-On for Documentum Web Applications with Integrated Windows Authentication Content Management Fangjian Wu, Booz Allen Hamilton
RAID! Digital Forensics, SANs, and Virtualization Security Charles Brooks, EMC
October Design Considerations for Block-Based Storage Virtualization Applications Virtualization Venugopal Reddy, EMC
Understanding In-Depth Documentum Security Content Management Narsingarao Mirilaya, EMC
Building a ControlCenter Infrastructure in a Windows 2003 Clustered Environment Resource Management Kevin Atkin, Thomson Reuters
Designing Documentum Applications, A Multi-Dimensional Challenge Application Integration Jacob Willig, Lazymen/ Match First
November Enterprise Content Management: Yesterday's Lessons and Today's Challenges Content Management Himakara Pieris, Daedel Constulting
The Union of Backup-Based Snapshot Technology and Data Deduplication Backup and Recovery Chris Mavromatis, EMC
Failure Points in Storage Configurations: From the Application to the Physical Disk Storage Charles Macdonald, TELUS
Scheduling Operations in NetWorker Backup and Recovery Aaron Kleinsmith, EMC
EMC Documentum Single Sign-on using Standard Tools Content Management Sander Hendriks, Informed Consulting
The Art and Science of Data Center Migration Data Center Migration Michael Breashears
Unified Storage Computing in the Data Center Virtualization Amrith Raj Radhakrishnan, TATA Consultancy Services Limited
January Working with Documentum Composer and Without it Content Management Andrew Fitzpatrick, Capgemini
Media Asset Management in the Broadcasting Industry using Documentum Content Management Derrick Lau, Contractor
Managing the Cloud - Out of the Fog Cloud Brian Dehn, EMC
Performance - Feeling or Reality in a CLARiiON Environment CLARiiON Octavio Palomino and Javier Alvarez Dasnoy, EMC
February Survey on procedures for migrating data between Storage Arrays Storage Alvaro Clemente, EMC
RecoverPoint Deployment with KDriver on Sun Solaris RecoverPoint Arthur Johnson, EMC
Cost Effective Remote Storage Storage Johny Jose, Don Bosco College and Mitchel Valentina D'Souza, National Institute of Technology Karnataka
Best Practices for Designing, Deploying and Administering SAN using EMC CLARiiON Storage Systems CLARiiON Anuj Sharma, EMC
March WCM with DITA and Documentum Content Management Jaimala D. Bondre
Backup and Recovery of Microsoft SharePoint - A Complete Solution Backup and Recovery Douglas Collimore, EMC
Storage, A Cloud Storm or Not Storage Roy Mikes, Mondriaan Zorggroep
EMC Business Continuity Offerings: Another Differentiator of Midrange and High-end Storage Arrays Business Continuity Denis Serov, EMC
April Integrating SharePoint with Documentum Content Management Rami A AlGhanim and Sara AlMansour, Saudi Aramco
Are you Ready for "AVA" Generation? Avamar Randeep Singh, HCL Comnet
Revisiting Business Information Management Re-engineering: A Never Ending Cycle Business Process Eugene Demigillo, EMC


The 2009 Knowledge Sharing Winners at the ceremony
L-R: Alok Shrivastava, Sr. Director, EMC Education Services, Ken Guest, Brian Dehn, Jacob Willig, Bruce Yellin, Faisal Choudry, Sejal Joshi, Anuj Sharma, Tom Clancy,Vice President, EMC Education Services,  Frank Hauck, Executive Vice President, EMC.

2009 Knowledge Sharing Publishing Schedule
Category Title Author(s)
Backup and Recovery Best Practices for Implementing and Administering EMC NetWorker  Anuj Sharma
Using Disks in Backup and Virtual Tape Library   Emin Calikli
De-duplication of an Oracle Database using EMC NetWorker for Oracle Chris Mavromatis
Backing up Applications with NetWorker  Aaron Kleinsmith
A Load Balancing Algorithm for Deploying Backup Media Servers  Krasimir Miloshev
NDMP Localization / Internationalization Support for NetWorker  Deranna Jyothi
DLm v2.1 z/OS Implementation Guide  Mike Smialek
Business Process Significant Savings are within your Reach when you Understand the True Cost of Storage  Bruce Yellin
The Efficient Green Data Center  Raza Syed
Enterprise Standards and Automation for Storage Integration and Installation  Aaron Baldie
Connectivity Create a Comparative Analysis of an Oracle Database Using NAS and SAN Storage Architectures  Sergio Hirata and Volnys Borges Bernal
CLARiiON and FCIP - A Practical Intercontinental DR and HA Solution  Jaison K. Jose
Oracle Performance Hit: A SAN Analysis  Kofi Ampofo Boadi
Preventative Monitoring in a NAS Environment  Bob Wittig
Best Practices for Deploying Celerra NAS  Ron Nicholl
Content Management Architecting an Enterprise Wide Document Management Platform  Jacob Willig
Custom Documentum Application Code Review  Christopher Harper
Storage Management Reclaiming Storage in a SAN Environment, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly  Brian Dehn
Tiered Storage Real Life Application of Disaster Recovery  Faisal Choudry
Storage Provisioning using Home Grown Tools  Ken Guest & Sejal Joshi
Data Storage Performance: Equating Demand & Supply  Lalit Mohan
Business Continuity Planning in an Organization  Smartha Guha Thakurta
Data Migration Strategies (SRDF via "Swing Frame")  Sejal Joshi and Ken Guest
Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Enterprise Architecture (EA)  Charanya Hariharan and Dr. Brian Cameron
Integrating Linux and Linux-Based Storage Management Software with RAID System-Based Replication  Diedrich Ehlerding
Simplifying/Demystifying EMC's TimeFinder Integration with Oracle Flashback  Robert Mosco
SRDF Software Use and Best Practices  Bill Chilton
Using EMC ControlCenter NC File Level Reporting on CIFS Shares  Chad DeMatteis and Michael Horvath
Virtualization Is Cloud Computing the Game Changer your Company Needs in these Tough Times  Bruce Yellin
Cloud Computing: A New Taxonomy  Laurence A. Huetteman
Leveraging Cloud Computing for Optimized Storage Management  Mohammed Hashim and Rejaneesh Sasidharan


The 2008 Knowledge Sharing Winners at the ceremony.

L-R: Diedrich Ehlerding, Lalit Mohan, Brian Russell, Paul Brant, Alok Shrivastava, Sr. Director, EMC Education Services, Frank Hauck, Executive Vice President, EMC.

Category Title Author(s)
Relevant Industry Topics 2008 Competition Winner! 
Crossing the Great Divide in Going Green
 Paul Brant
2008 Competition Winner! 
Design Recommendations for a Highly Available Exchange 2007 Environment
 Douglas Collimore
2008 Competition Winner! 
EMC CLARiiON CLI Administration and Ruby:  A Powerful Combination
 Wagner H. Ikeda
2008 Competition Winner! 
Genesis of a Disaster Recovery Solution
 Lalit Mohan
2008 Competition Winner! 
How to Reconfigure Fiber Channel Attached Disk Storage Devices in Solaris
 Diedrich Ehlerding
2008 Competition Winner! 
Open Replicator Data Migration of File Server Clusters to VMware
 Brian Russell and Michael Aldo

2008 Knowledge Sharing Publishing Schedule
Backup, Recovery and Archive Archiving Cries for a Holistic Architecture  Paul Kingston
CLARiiON Automated Balancing of I/O Loads across I/O Paths  Andre Rossouw
Network Attached Storage (NAS) Best Practices for Deploying Automation of NAS Health Check  Cheol Jang
Best Practices for NetWorker Legato and Firewalls  Pascal de Cock
Best Practices for Proactive Centera Monitoring  Jakob Holger
Best Practices in the World of Intermode/ISL  Sanjay Sood
Storage Area Networking (SAN) Best Practices, Strategies and Benefits for Consolidating Multiple Island SANs  Kofi Ampofo Boadi
Block Level Virtualization Technologies: How to fit them in your Environment  Dierckx Guy
Storage Solutions Case Studies Comparing Apples to Oranges to Bricks:  A Pre-Sales Engineers' Guide to Comparing Alernative Storage Proposals  Bruce Yellin
Symmetrix Creating Baseline Performance Reports for EMC Symmetrix  Charles Macdonald
Designing and Implementing an Effective Backup Solution  Anuj Mediratta and Neeraj Mediratta
Fiber Channel over Internet Protocol (FCIP)  Joseph Holbrook
Get to Know your Symmetrix  Alastair Adams
How we Leveraged CLARiiON,  Celerra and Centera Platforms to Consolidate Three Companies Data Systems into a Unified Storage Environment Christopher Johnson
Impact of Web 2.0/Web 3.0 Social Networking Tools in R&D Units  Charanya Hariharan
Is ITIL the Explosive Formula that will Make EMC = 1 EMC  Bartley Corbin
Mainframe SRDF/A MSC Troubleshooting Guide  Mike Smialek
Mass Transit and the Evolution of File Virtualization  Craig T. Kensey
Multi-Path File System over iSCSI (MPFSi) Applied Technology  Ayyaswamy Thangavel
NetWorker and EDL Capacity on Demand - Library Virtualization Challenges  Erico Correia da Silva
Practical Guidance: Transitioning from Implementation to Operations in a CLARiiON® Environment  Tim Gibbs
Real-Life Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) with D6  Pawan Kumar
Reducing the Backup Window for SAN-based Backups Using Graph Models  Krasimir Miloshev
Restricting Symmetrix Configuration and Preventing Information Disclosure using Symmetrix Access Controls  Jurjen Oskam
Site Implementation Guide (SIG)  Alexandre Zancope
Solutions Enabler and its SYMAPI Force: A Pioneer in a Remote Software Revolution  Ramiro A. Canovas
Training with Celerra Simulator  Andy Harrington
Visual Basic Program to Create all Relevant Scripts, Tasks and Logs,.. Wolfgang Graf