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  • Market Recovery Webcast Series with Channelcorp
  • Leadership Webinar Series with Mentor Group
  • Remote Worker Enablement

Market Recovery Webcast Series with Channelcorp


Cheryl Cook                                                            Bruce Stuart

SVP Global Partner Marketing                            Channel Corp

Dell Technologies created a four-part webcast series exclusively for partner sales and marketing teams to help understand recent global market changes, the impact the changes are having on your customers, and what you should do to protect and grow your sales and pipeline.


Access replay and assets for past sessions or register now for upcoming sessions below:

Session 1 Replay:  What is going on out there?

September 17, 2020

In this session, we will provide an overview of what happened in the market and the impact of recent events on customers. We'll also examine the shifts in customer demand and the organizational and infrastructure changes required. In addition, you’ll learn about the 10 best practices to future-proof your business. Register Now



Session 2 Replay:  Looking under the hood

September 24, 2020  11:00am - 12noon ET

This session covers how to assess your current situation and an exploration of the five different business models and finance/economics attributes. We’ll discuss how to leverage Dell programs such as Dell Technologies on Demand / Dell Financial Services and As-a-Service offerings to provide your customers with different buying options. We'll also outline where to start, and how to prioritize what to fix first.



Session 3 Replay:  Nothing happens till we sell

October 1, 2020  11:00am - 12noon ET

Learn why business-as-usual won’t work if you want to be financially viable. Understand and implement the 3D GTM model. Then let’s get tactical – we’ll discuss how to do a lost sales analysis, an Installed Base audit, and a client leasing review. Finally, we’ll talk about how to leverage Dell Marketing and work with the Dell Partner Marketing Managers to create demand in new markets and with new customers.



Session 4 Replay:  What does "Good" look like?

October 8, 2020  11:00am - 12noon ET

Learn how to safeguard and grow your Installed Base. Then move beyond that to crosssell recurring revenue solutions into your installed base – and products into As-aService customers. We’ll also talk about how to target new recurring revenue markets and clients. Lastly, we’ll give you a vision of what “good” looks like.

Sales Leadership Webinars with Mentor Group


The Mentor Group will be conducting a series of 4 webinars for Dell Technologies Sales Leaders.  These webinars and supporting materials are also being made available for Partners.  The Managing Virtual Sales Teams webinar and supporting materials are now available. Check back soon for additional webinars on Virtual Leading and Coaching, Storytelling and Negotiating Virtually.



Additional Resources

Virtual Leading & Coaching

Virtual Leading and Coaching

Virtual Leading & Coaching

This webinar will help Sales leaders identify the challenges and the best practice options for leading and coaching people when they are remotely located from them and only able to communicate through virtual modalities.

Negotiating Virtually

Negotiating Virtually

This webinar will help sales leaders adapt their approach to prepare and support their people for conducting negotiations through virtual modalities



This webinar identifies the importance of storytelling to your leadership and sales success as well as details the best practices to help you and your people tell great stories.

Additional Materials

Dell Sales Leadership Webinar - Storytelling






Learn about Dell's purpose-built Remote Workforce Tailored offers coupled with service and support recommendatoins that help IT manage and secure the remote workforce efficiently



Watch webcasts featuring our senior executives as they share tips, best practices and imporant lessons learned from our 10-year journey implenting and managing remote work.



Improve your Selling Skills while working remote

Course Title Description
Selling to Executives

In this informative talk, Jacques Sciammas, President of gives the view from the C-Suite and explains the importance of trust, research, and preparation when preparing for conversations at the C-Level.

This course provides valuable insights for managers and sellers when developing call plans, account plans and proposals. 

Financial Selling in a Down Economy This video describes how to better understand the current COVID-19 environment, be more comfortable having discussions with financial stakeholders and improve your skills in dealing with lack of budget.
Coaching Call Plan

Join Jessica, a manager at Dell Technologies, as she guides you through the session that reinforces the principles of effective call plan management.

While customer needs vary from industry to industry there are four expectations that must be met in order to turn prospects into advocates and increase sales performance. 

The expectations are accuracy, availability, partnership, and advice. 

This course will help you  coach your sellers through effective call plan management. 

Whiteboarding Best Practices In this video series you'll explore the techniques required to deliver an effective whiteboard.  We'll cover everything from what kinds of markers to use, to how to write and draw legibly, to how you can implore a specific strategy to win deals through whiteboarding a story.
MEDDIC for Specialists By the end of this course participants will be able to describe each element of MEDDIC as a qualification tool and utilize SFDC to capture MEDDIC information.
Building a Business Case This course is designed to help you: recognize the difference between a proposal and a business case, know who is involved in the decision process, prepare successful business cases and know the steps to get to yes.
Competing against the status quo This course is designed to help you: stay current on competitor strategies and offerings, use competitive intelligence to influence customer strategies/decision making, use competitive strategy to convince a customer’ to take action versus doing nothing and sticking with the status quo.

Additional Resources