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The Competitive Intelligence team is pleased to invite you to use the same Dell And Dell EMC competitive information portal as the internal sales teams.  Klue gives you quick and easy access to an intuitive user interface to:

  • Quickly find answers to competitor product questions.
  • Learn what the competition says, how they set "landmines", and how to defuse them.
  • Get insights on selling strategies.
  • Access battlecards, one-page summaries, and deeper analyses which will set you apart in your prospect's mind.

The information you will find here will allow you to prepare for possible objections raised by the customer or planted by the competition.  Using this material, you will be ready to respond to the customer immediately in the moment, allowing you to maintain your sales momentum.

When you use Klue, you are accessing the most current information our competitive intelligence team has available.  Use this information to inform yourself on the capabilities of the competition, why our products matter, and where to specifically push our competitive advantages.  We have dedicated competitive intelligence curators keeping the content up to date.


Watch this video to see why you should be using Klue.

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COMPETITIVE PROGRAMS - Operation Disruption

  • Pure Storage

Pure Storage


Pure Storage Competitive Training for Partner Sales and PreSales training video


In this video we will be covering an overview of Pure Storage as well as:

  • Dell ISG Competitive Intelligence Team Overview and How to contact them
  • Pure Storage Company Overview
  • What's New with Pure Storage for 1HCY2020
  • Pure Storage Product Family Overviews for:
    • Flash Array
    • FlashBlade
    • ObjectEngine (now EOL)
  • Strategic Battleplan Review vs. PUre Storage
  • Pure Storage as a Service comparison to Dell Technologies on Deman
  • Pure Storage Cloud capabilities including Cloud Block Store ANd CloudSnap
  • Battlecard Review vs. Pure Storage
  • Top 3 Myths about Pure Storage