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FY22 Field Readiness Summit

We are on a mission to drive human progress through technology. As a team, we bring innovative solutions to our customers to prepare their organizations for whatever comes next. There is no limit to what we can achieve. Together, we are UNSTOPPABLE!

The Dell Technologies Sales Teams recently attended a virtual FY22 Sales Kick Off.  These 20 minute sessions from the event are being made available below and are designed to align our Sales Teams and Partners to our strategy, priorities, messaging and positioning for the year.

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The New Dell Technologies Advantage Story Overnight the pace of digital transformation accelerated. Digital leaders who fast tracked their transformation outperformed their peers and tended to be better poised to act on new market opportunities, economic inflections, or breakthrough innovations. Join us for a preview of the latest updates to the Dell Technologies Advantage story – how we help customers fast-track their transformation to be ready for whatever comes next.
Dell Digital: Empowering our Remote Workfoce and Reimagining the Future of Work Top on every CIO’s agenda is equipping their organization with persona-based, intelligent, secure client devices for the digital workplace needed to successfully work from home, onsite or anywhere in between. So that employees can seamlessly adapt to a world that’s constantly redefining. ​Learn first-hand from  VP of IT Operations and Team Member Experience, Cheryl Foulkes, on how Dell IT is creating a work-from-anywhere experience for our 130K global workforce to be always ON and connected. ​ 
Smarter Security is Built In! Why Dell's Intrisic Security Approach Beats the Old Guard Learn how Dell Technologies is leveraging its end-to-end IT ecosystem presence to change the entire culture of cyber security. Intrinsic security is not a product, but a smarter approach to cyber resiliency. It’s an end-to-end modern security strategy for the digital transformation age. Security today typically means deploying a few dozen different bolt-on software products that each aim to resolve a narrowly defined threat vector. And that’s part of the problem. Too many titles lead to increased complexity, inconsistent security protocols, confusion, lack of scale and, ultimately, compromised security. Security should be designed in from the start, unified from end-to-end, top to bottom, and carried out seamlessly.



3 I's of Modern Cyber Recovery In this session, you'll learn what Cyber resilience is and its difference from disaster recovery. You'll also discover what a vault is and understand why every customer needs one. You'll also know what to look for in positioning a vault solution. And finally, you'll understand what good, better, and best Cyber DPS solutions are. 
Compete with Confidence: Winning with Storage, HCI, and Data Protection After Powering Up the portfolio in FY21, Dell Technologies has never been in a better position to help customers modernize their on-premises infrastructure. This session will cover what’s new with PowerStore and the primary and unstructured storage portfolio as well as our hyperconverged infrastructure and data protection solutions. Topics include our market position in each segment, key focus areas and insights to new releases coming in FY22 to help you compete with confidence and disrupt the competition.
Modernizing the Data Protection Experience As organizations distribute data across multiple edge, core and cloud locations, proven and modern data protection is a better together approach that helps bridge the capabilities needed for today with those required for tomorrow. Understanding the span of protection, cost efficiency, investment protection, solution choice, and ability to protect modern cloud workloads with flexible consumption models is the cornerstone of how Dell Technologies delivers unmatched business value to our customers.
Data Protection in the Age of Cloud Transformation and Ransomware As our customers shift toward the cloud, they also face emerging data protection requirements as well as unprecedented challenges protecting vital business data while fending off cyber-attacks.  They need proven and modern data protection solutions from a single vendor that work seamlessly from the edge to the data center to the cloud.​ Join Matt Dunfee as he discusses the latest innovations in our data protection portfolio and how you can ensure your customers can meet the challenges of a constantly evolving IT landscape and the unprecedented rise in ransomware attacks.​
Positioning HCI and Modern Storage What to lead with? Where to pivot? How to change the game?  Why HCI and why modern storage?  Dell Technologies has an answer to all of these. Whether it is traditional architecture with modern storage and server (3-tier), hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI), or disaggregated infrastructure (2-tier). Finding the best fit for your customer to win the deal and beat the competition can be a piece of cake. 
Primary Storage for Cloud - A Data First Approach In this session, you will learn how to position Dell Technologies Cloud Storage for Multi-Cloud, particularly in regard to Block storage use cases, with a focus on the most common customer challenges and use cases across all of the major public cloud providers and our unique approach to delivering true multi-cloud connectivity. The session will look specifically at our offerings vs Pure and NTAP and will arm you to have compelling discussions with your customers. 
Take a Data First Approach to Multi-Cloud with Storage and Data Protection

In this session, you will learn how to position Dell Technologies leading storage and data protection portfolio to address the most common customer challenges and use cases across all of the major public cloud providers and our unique approach to delivering true multi-cloud connectivity.  From backup and long-term retention to disaster recovery to high performance compute, we have a solution to enable our customers to succeed.  See how you can help your customers take a data first approach to their cloud data protection and storage needs and make the most of their cloud investment with Dell Technologies Cloud solutions. 


Unstructured Data Solutions: Helping Customers Innovate with Data  As businesses increase the use of AI, analytics, and big data, there has never been a better time to sell our UDS solutions. We have the ideal portfolio to consolidate file & object data and the deep industry & application expertise to win every time. The head of UDS sales, Karl Korbus, will kick off the session and share why he’s excited about the opportunity in 2021. Then we will discuss how our file, object and streaming data storage solutions are optimized for a modern, edge/core/cloud world, and how they are helping customers change the way they do business and gain a sustainable competitive advantage. You will also hear directly from customers who are driving data-driven innovation across their edge, core and cloud environments using PowerScale, Isilon and ECS. Selling UDS products is a great way to make your quota and deliver an annuity for you for many years as customers frequently add use cases and expand their cloud-connected storage pools over time.
VxRail - The Grand Cru of HCI for Vmware Environments Like a fine wine, VxRail only gets better with time. The same way an imitator uses average grapes, no bottle aging, and adds chemicals late in the process, our competition often uses average hardware, little or no actual testing, and certainly don’t have the proven, mature features that VxRail boasts. Using best in class solutions, proven interoperability and thoughtful automation from hardware to hypervisor VxRail is a vintage that cannot be matched. Learn how our winemakers (engineers) together with our partners at VMware continue to innovate to ensure our customers realize exceptional results, productivity and advantages that are unmatched in the industry. Avoid the headache by understanding the difference between other vendors adding APIs in their HCI appliances to achieve a similar bouquet and an established HCI solution utilizing VxRail HCI System Software that delivers best in class, gold medal winning results. 



Journey to Autonomous Compute Infrastructure Learn how Dell Technologies is leading the charge with autonomous compute infrastructure and the endless opportunities to come. Autonomous compute infrastructure enables rapid digital transformation, maximizes productivity and efficiency, and positions customers to scale and evolve. This session will lead you through our current industry leading autonomous technologies and the visionary path we’ll travel, to a fully autonomous infrastructure.



Navigating Cloud Conversations You’ve likely heard how you sell is more important that what you sell. This is especially true when selling cloud solutions. In fact, if your efforts to sell cloud have been met with resistance, it could be because of who you are talking to and how you are talking to them. The good news is once you’ve learned how to navigate cloud conversations, your success rates will dramatically improve. This session will discuss customer roles and personas commonly involved in cloud decision making and ways to engage those roles. You’ll hear directly from a few account teams about how they successfully navigated cloud conversations and gain resources to help plan your next successful cloud win.



How to Accelerate Digital & IT Transformation with Networking If systems are the heart of the IT infrastructure, networking is the arteries and veins. If you are helping your customers transform their infrastructures without helping them transform their networks, you are missing a critical capability that is required for success.  In this session, you will learn how Dell Technologies innovations in networking can help accelerate digital transformation. You will also hear Steve Crowe and Matt Dunfee highlight wins and strategies for unseating Cisco and Arista. Additionally, we will cover how to have a thought leadership conversation with your customers from a networking perspective. 



Office of the CTO
Addressing Emerging Technologies In this session, Dell Technologies Global Chief Technology Officer John Roese will share the Dell Technologies perspective on four core emerging technologies that customers are asking about: Quantum computing, 5G, cloud-edge, and semiconductors—and how Dell is positioned to help our customers succeed.
Find Your Edge - How to Win and Grow with Customer at the Edge Join us to understand the growth and challenges at the edge and understand how you can immediately unlock new opportunities within your accounts by having the edge conversation. Learn about Dell's strategy and differentiation to address this fast-growing market and hear a great success story from a sales peer about how they beat the hyper-scaler competition to close a massive edge deal.
Powering the AI Journey in the Data Era Artificial Intelligence – your customers are either using it, testing it, or hoping they catch up before it's too late. In this session, we focus on key differentiators that Dell Technologies brings to any AI conversation – our support for the full ecosystem of technologies in and around any AI project. We will give you some great talking points to identify and explore your customers' plans for AI so that you can open new opportunities tomorrow.



Changing Environments and Industry Trends - How Workstations and Rugged Solutions Win Learn about the latest trends that are driving and affecting businesses and organizations today. Dell’s Precision workstations and Rugged devices can help customers excel during the changing environment. This session will take you through AR, VR, 3D, AI, Data Science, 5G,  and more!
Hacking Into the Endpont Security Conversation with Customers This course will use anecdotal use cases to describe how Dell’s endpoint security software and service solutions extend and enhance our “Industry’s Most Secure Commercial PCs” Learn how to start the conversation with customers and when to bring in a sales specialist to help close the deal.​
Redefining Workspaces with Dell Monitors Learn how Dell monitor innovations are addressing the complexities of today’s hybrid work model and how we help drive business continuity. You will learn how equipping employees with the right monitors and technologies can be an organization’s game changer in more ways than one.
Shape the Work-From-Anywhere Future with Alternative Client Solutions Over the past year, most organizations have accelerated their transition to an agile work environment that provides workers with secure access to corporate resources anytime and anywhere. Now your customers are looking into a move from the hybrid model by circumstance to a hybrid model by design to drive productivity, a better user experience and business resiliency. In this session you will learn about Alternative Client Solutions and how Dell Hybrid Client, ThinOS and Wyse Management Suite address the need for more choice and flexibility to support a cloud-smart approach.
Work and Learn from Anywhere in the Digital Workplace Now is the time for customers to reassess remote work and learning capabilities within the digital workplace. In this session you learn about the trends and opportunities to start the conversation leading with intelligent devices, importance of peripherals and where customers are within their modernization journey.



Want to Be More Relevant to Your Customers? Leverage Strategic Workload Selling The approach you used yesterday won't work in today's shifting market. Even our industry-leading portfolio won't win the deal on its own. Today, your competitive edge depends on how you engage and align to your customer's journey. Learn how to differentiate your sales tactics from your competition - by finding the new decision makers, positioning the outcomes they care about, and harnessing the power of Dell's broad and experienced specialist teams to win the deal.