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The Fast Start On Boarding program is designed to accelerate your time to productivity in your role and help you learn what it takes to be successful in selling Dell EMC products and solutions. 

Explore the tabs below to find a wealth of information available within these pages:

Welcome to Dell Technologies:  Start here to get an overview of Dell Technologies and how as your trusted technology partner, we can help you transform your customers' business.

Dell EMC Partner Program: Visit this section to get a better understanding of the Partner Program as well as access to some of the resourses available to help you contuct business.

Partner Academy: Learn about the abundant amount of training available to you within the Partner Academy that you can leverage to keep your skills razor sharp to gain the competitive edge.

Region Specific Materials: In this section you will find training events and documents specific to your region.


  • Welcome to Dell Technologies
  • Dell EMC Partner Program
  • Partner Academy
  • Region Specific Materials


Our Business

Helping you Transform Your Customers' Business

Learn how we can help you meet the future head on and propel you and your customers forward.

How Dell Technologies helps organizations transform for the future

Big Ideas: Why Transformation Matters

These videos accelerate and expand technical thought leadership in Dell Technologies using innovative learning methodologies.


Latest News  

News, Events and Recent Communications

Stay current with the latest news and updates

Watch Joyce Mullen's latest Webcast

Get the latest update from Joyce Mullen about the Dell EMC Partner Program


Want to get involved?

If you are interested in providing us feedback about our training programs, courseware and the overall Partner Academy experience, and are willing to participate in quarterly meetings, please email us and let us know as we are always looking for nominations for new members to join our Training Advisory Board (TAB). 

  • The Program
  • Websites
  • Tools
  • Support

Our mission is to be the best, in the eyes of our partners. Simple. Predictable. Profitable. TM


Get started with the Partner Program Overview to learn about the components of the program and the many benefits available to you and your Company.


Next, click on your partner type below to access the 2019 Program Guide specific to your company's relationship with Dell EMC:

Below is a list of Dell EMC websites where you will find many resources to help you conduct business. We highly recommend bookmarking these sites to quickly access them.

Websites Description 
Partner Portal Your centralized resource for all partner tools, programs, incentives, training and support. (For CSPs, SOs and SIs click here for your navigation guide)
Knowledge Center Visit this area to access sales enablement materials to help drive your sales campaigns
Dell EMC's video library platform 
Klue Dell EMC's single source for competitive data
Campaign Center
Save time and effort by leveraging ready-made attractive, well-prepared marketing materials.  Dell EMC offers different campaign tools to best fit your business needs, enabling you to target your customers with the best solutions
Digital Marketing Platform Marketing materials for email campaigns, webpages, social networks and Concierge agencies

Below is a list of Dell EMC tools to help you conduct business. We highly recommend bookmarking these sites to quickly access them.  For a complete list of available tools refer to the Partner portal.

Tools Description 
Program Tracker Program Tracker helps you to get prepared for the Dell EMC Financial Year Partner Audit. This tool provides you an up-to-date view of training and revenue achievements and information on the elements still required to protect and boost your tier status and rebates for the next financial year. Access to Program Tracker is restricted to partners participating in the current financial year audit and to nominated individuals at each participating partner company.  To learn more click here.
CertTracker This tool is leveraged to manage the Certifications/Credentials an individual has achieved. It is available to all partners with an active account in SFDC or Partner Portal once they have earned their first Proven Professional Certification or Credential.
Dell EMC Points-based incentive program available to sales reps and SEs. This program is only available to Solution Providers and some exclusions apply. Click here for more information and see if you qualify to participate.
Quoting Partners can use multiple tools to help them quote and order. Learn more about your options and view this valuable training to learn how to use these tools.
RFP Proposal
Self-service resources to help you position and sell the portfolio. Find answers to RFP/RFI questions, create sales proposals leveraging our powerful Document Automation capabilities, search library of portfolio content, and utilize the ready-to-use pre-built RFP and sales documents.  To learn more click here.  Watch this 2-minute video for a quick overview of this valuable resource.
Rebate and MDF Tool Partners in the Dell EMC Partner Program have the opportunity to take advantage of the investment benefit of Marketing Development Funds (MDF), or Business Development Funds (BDF) depending on the Partner Track and Tier in which the partner is participating. Rebates are available to Partners growing their Dell EMC revenue and completing Training Competencies. Click here to learn more about these incentives and understand if you qualify.
Deal Registration This tool is where you register a deal or view the status of current opportunities. Learn more about this valuable tool.

Help is right around the Corner!

If you are having issues accessing any of our training, tools or resources visit the Support Page on the Partner Portal and select the category which best describes your question or issue so we can direct you within the Case Management Tool to the team who can best address your concern as quickly as possible.  


Watch this short video to learn how to use Dell EMC's Case Management Tool.


If you have specific questions regarding Training or Certifications visit http://emc.force.com/EducationSupport to enter an Education Support Ticket.


Additional Resources if you still need assistance:

  • Metal Tiered Partners should reach out to your Partner Account Manager
  • Authorized Resellers please contact your Distributor for help
  • Overview
  • How To
  • Tracking Your Progress
  • Support

The Partner Academy is your single source of training enablement for the competencies and skills you need to sell Dell EMC products and solutions. You will find the training easy to navigate to as it is organized based on your area of focus, role and skill level.


Training available within the Academy: 

  • Credential and Certification Training for Competency Attainment
  • On-Demand Product Training to Deepen Your Portfolio Knowledge
  • Tools Training to Maximize Your Efficiency
  • Quarterly Training Updates our Internal Sellers Consume
  • Priority Launch Information
  • Easy Access to Sales Collateral to Assist with Sales Campaigns
  • Learning Labs to Maximize the Effectiveness of your Demos
  • Quick Access to Demo Center
  • Comprehensive information about our Certification Program
  • Presentations from past Heroes Events
  • Information on how to identify and position the best Services Resale Opportunities
  • Information about Dell's financing options
  • The latest messaging about how Dell Technologies can help you and your customers' through the transformation journey
  • And so much more ....

Get started:

View the 2019 Training Guide applicable to your Partner Type to learn more about the training requirements for this year's program:

Stay Current on New Training contained within the Academy:

You are encouraged to frequently visit the Partner Academy Spotlight section to keep informed about any new training that has recently been added and information about any featured program updates.


Reference these useful guides designed to help you navigate to the training you are looking for:

Navigating the Partner Academy to access Competency Training

Dell Technologies Proven Professional Certification Framework


Use the tools below to track your progress:

Tool Description
CertTracker This tool is leveraged to manage the Certifications/Credentials an individual has achieved. It is available to all partners with an active account in SFDC or Partner Portal once they have earned their first Proven Professional Certification or Credential.
Program Tracker The Dell EMC Partner Program Tracker (available for nominated contacts at Solution Providers) allows partners to monitor their completion of program requirements, including customized training plans. To learn more click here.

We are here to help!

We recommend checking our Partner Academy FAQ to help you troubleshoot our most common questions.

If you have specific questions regarding Training or Certification,  create an Education Support Ticket via our case management tool located at  http://emc.force.com/EducationSupport.


  • North America
  • Latin America
  • EMEA
  • Asia Pacific
  • Greater China

Sign up for the Partner Storage New Hire Event


These Quarterly Partner Storage Training Workshops are designed to:

  • enhance your knowledge of Storage through primary use cases and objection handling
  • get you familiar with the Storage processes and tools
  • understand the competitive landscape
  • help you confidently articulate the storage vision
  • gain insight to how Dell EMC Modern Data Center, Data Protection Suite and Unstructured Data Suite wins 
  • provide a platform to network with your peers for success

For more information and to access content shared during recent workshops follow this link.

                        To register for the November workshop use this link.


Latin America Partner Onboarding Program



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This page is in the process of being developed

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