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Welcome to FY20 Dell Technologies Ready 

It's time to get Ready to lead from the front and execute the plan outlined in the FY20 Dell Technologies Ready.




Dell Technologies Ready is our Sales Training cascade, which for FY20 is focused on three key themes:  collaboration, cloud, & commitment. Of particular importance to your development is the cloud conversation as a competitive differentiator. Dell Technologies has a powerful story that no other competitor can match, and it's our responsibility to tell that story consistently and with clear relevance to our customers. 




Dell Technologies Ready:  Cloud & Competitive Landscape

Call to action

Access the assets below to help you learn, practice and deliver The Dell Technologies Cloud message:


Cloud and Competitive Landscape -  Matt Baker, Sr. VP Sales Planning and Strategy

Dell Technologies Ready -  Ryan Shullaw, VP North America Commercial Presales  PPT

Defining Digital Transformation - Todd Lieb, Worldwide Sales (coming soon)

Bridge the Gap: From the Workload Down -  Todd Lieb, Worldwide Sales (coming soon)

Bridge the Gap:  Landing Zones in IaaS, SaaS, and CaaS -  Todd Lieb, Worldwide Sales (coming soon)



Master your pitch

View this video to watch John Hanlon,  Sr. VP Commercial Data Center Sales deliver the Dell Technologies Cloud message.  Your Dell Technologies counterparts will present their Cloud Story message to their Managers for endorsement.  You may want to practice your Cloud story with your Manager or Peers. To understand the key talking points, refer to the Dell Technologies Endorsement Scorecard.

Dell Technologies Ready Message