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Gain the expertise and skills leadership to design and architect cutting-edge solutions that drive digital transformation. Become the trusted advisor who turns your organization’s IT transformation strategy into reality.

Become a critical influencer.

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A Dell EMC Certified Master Enterprise Architect’s recommendations can be the most influential within a business environment. Collaborating with business leaders and IT subject matter experts to understand the business mission and strategy, they apply their broad business and technical knowledge and skills to drive development, specification, and communication of solutions that meet customers’ business and IT transformation needs.



Dell EMC Certified Master Enterprise Architects leave no gaps. They understand the complexities of ITSM, development, IT and data center processes and other formalized approaches to delivering business value. Governance, business continuance and security processes are woven into the design of each successful enterprise architecture.

Dell EMC Certified Master Enterprise Architects apply their high level skills to design customer solutions that are transformative, highly efficient, secure, and profitable, whether innovating and breaking new ground or reiterating and modernizing their existing infrastructure.   

While uniquely adept with technology offers from a broad range of vendors, Dell EMC Certified Master Enterprise Architects bring a deep understanding of solutions under the Dell Technologies product and services families.



Meet Some Of Our Master Architects


Principal Global Architect - Dell EMC

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Senior Consultant, IT Architecture - Dell EMC

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Global Cloud Architect - Dell EMC

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Master Enterprise Architect & Strategist -RoundTower

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Become a Dell EMC Certified Master Enterprise Architect.


A complete Master Enterprise Architect Program Guide can be downloaded here.

Watch a recording of our recent webinar on what it takes to become a Master Enterprise Architect


Do you hold primary responsibility for enterprise-level architectural designs that are strategic to an organization’s business goals? Do you have broad business and technical skills necessary to drive the development, specification and communication of solutions to meet business and IT transformation needs? Check your eligibility to apply for Dell EMC Certified Master – Enterprise Architect (DECM – EA).


Showcase your knowledge and skills. Include information about your qualifying certifications. Use the checklist to ensure you have all the documents you need and submit your application to be considered for Dell EMC Certified Master – Enterprise Architect (DECM – EA). Cost for submission is $1,000 (USD).

Limited Time Offer - Submit your application for FREE (of $1,000 value).


Congratulations on being selected. Present your case before three Master Board Members and one moderator and demonstrate your expertise as a trusted advisor who has successfully designed enterprise-level architecture solutions that meet the people, process and technology goals of a rapidly transforming business organization. Cost for board review is $4,000 (USD)


All board reviews are conducted in English. Candidates will have an uninterrupted 30-minute presentation session to discuss their detailed design. A 45-minute question and answer period directed by the board members will follow. You will receive a communication from Dell EMC Education Services on details with paying the fee and scheduling your Board session.



The credential does not expire. Information coming soon on what you would need to do for Knowledge Maintenance.



Still have more questions? Visit the Dell EMC Proven Professional Community Master Enterprise Architect - FAQ >




Gain access to special benefits.

Become a member of an elite community with unique, transformative skills. As a Dell EMC Certified Master-Enterprise Architect (DECM-EA), you are part of a select group of trusted advisors and change agents for your organizations. Here are some exclusive benefits available to you...

  1. Industry-recognized certification that validates your advanced level mastery of enterprise architect skills.
  2. Dell EMC Certified Master-Enterprise Architect logo gear.
  3. Get listed as a Master Enterprise Architect. Profiles are featured on the Dell EMC Education Services website.
  4. Opt-in to be considered for the Board Review, with the opportunity of assessing candidates.
  5. Reception for all DECM-EAs attending Dell Technologies World.
  6. Free access to specific resources to continue learning.